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Purchase Line — The Purchase Line Brady Sister dashes with 149 rush yards and two touchdowns, while Andrew Beal adds a total of 134 yards and a score pair to the purchase line on the way to the 44-6 dismantling of Pensmanner. Promoted in the big second half. Return home at Barry T Madillfield on Friday night.

Sister started scoring with a 14-yard touchdown sprint from the right side of the Comets line, quarterback John Eric powered in from a 1-yard out, and senior wide receiver Melosanchez scored 2 points early 14 yards. I found that I achieved a conversion. 0 lead to backyard rivals.

Sister ran 44 of 149 Game Highs in the first quarter of the Red Dragons, accelerating the pace of the Dragons’ attacks.

Pensmanner’s Ashton Kurbina failed after Comets picked up the first down, and Purchaserline’s Junior Eric Overman recovered to set up Eric’s first-quarter touchdown dive.

Comets moved the ball in the first half of the drive but couldn’t finish either. Of the five possessions in the first half of Comets, the Dragons defense forced the ball to go down twice, punt twice, and recover the fumble, posting the first half shutout.

“We played some great games and made some great holes for runners, but we couldn’t finish the drive,” said Bill Packer, coach of Pensmanner. “I actually felt pretty good at 14-0 when I entered halftime.”

The Red Dragons outperformed Comet 112-26 while dominating the first half, but only led 14-0.

“In the first half, I flipped the ball too much,” said Red Dragon coach Matt Farisek. “There were two fumbles and two drop passes, but we can’t do that anymore. Our defense was able to bail us out, but Pensmanner gave us in the first half. I played really tough. “

A quiet crowd erupted when a fair catch discussion by players on the buying line gave the home team the ball near the midfield after the second half kick-off was given to the Dragons. Play seemed to give Comet some life when they recovered the Brady Sister Fumble on their own 9-yard line and performed their best aggressive drive in the game.

Pensmanner cut out chunks of the yard on the first and second half of the drive. Quarterback Max Hill drilled Kurbina with a 31-yard one-down pass, and junior running back Justin Marshall picked up 14 yards on the ground and pushed the ball into the Red Dragon territory. Comets easily moved the ball near the 20-yard line before Hillpass was dropped by the Comets receiver and entered the arm of Safety Melo Sanchez on the purchase line.

“Usually we do those catches, but we didn’t catch them tonight,” Packer said. “They benefit greatly from interception and the momentum returns to them.”

Sanchez returned the 45-yard passcut to the 50-yard line, setting the next score for the Red Dragon. Eric found a beer in a 34-yard pass spray for the Big Gainer, and after two plays the beer found a nine-yard end zone passing through the teeth of Comets Defense. Beer also caught a two-point conversion from Eric on his “do everything” drive, making it 22-0.

“We have a solid secondary and they are playing really well,” Farisek said. “I’m sure they are in the right place and will continue to play when the team throws them at us.”

Pens manners did not lie down. Justin Marshall replied with a 63-yard run, bypassing several red dragons on his way to Comets’ first touchdown, and expired in the third quarter, cutting the lead to 22-6.

Marshall led the comet with 8 rushes at 97 yards and Max Hill won 40 yards with 12 carries.

The purchase line took only 14 seconds to respond as Sister sprinted through the Red Dragons sideline with a score of 51 yards. Melo Sanchez caught Eric’s second two-point shift at night and extended his lead to 30-6.

“We knew we had to reach their edge in the way Pensmanner was raging,” Farisek said. “We did some really nice blocking and created the perfect running lane for Brady down the sideline.”

Comets’ attack continued to pick up the yard in the second half, but continued to turn the ball over.

Beer continued the night of the breakout, intercepting the hill pass and returning the ball to the 32 yard Comets 35 yard line.

Beer sprinted 22 yards away for a second touchdown, raising the Red Dragon to 36-6.

The second unit of both teams took turns flipping the ball in the second half of the fourth quarter, while the second-year block small on the purchase line ran 33 yards on the highlight reel for the final touchdown. Small converted Logan McCracken by 2 points to reach the final score.

Overall, the Red Dragon surpassed the comets on the ground by 299-152, stacking a total of 396 yards to 187 for visitors.

The Red Dragons take on the business in their annual rival game and look forward to confronting River Valley, the leader of the Heritage Conference.

“They are a good team (River Valley) and very physical,” Farisek said. “They have a lot of kids and they create competition between them, which makes them better. Overall, they are a physical team and we need to be ready for it. there is.”

Pensmanner will try again to win their first meeting victory against the talented Homer Center team at home.

“Like this Purchase Line team, we know they are one of the top teams in the conference,” Packer said. “I need to go back to the basics and work at the Homer Center next week.”

Red Dragons wins fourth victory | Sports

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