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Reconciliation between Hastart and whistleblowers settles on Monday | Nationwide

Yorkville, Illinois (AP) — Lawyer Final Decision Deadline Out-of-court settlement Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and the man who accused him of sexually abusing children have been postponed until next week, the court clerk’s office said Friday.

According to the Kendall County clerk’s office, hearings about the agreement and an order to dismiss the proceedings that took over what he claimed gave him $ 1.8 million to keep Haster silent about alleged sexual abuse. It was a refusal to pay. Attorneys were initially required to offer a written settlement to the judge until Friday.

Details of the settlement have not been announced, and it was not immediately clear whether details would be released on Monday.Representative lawyer Haster And the man who sued him did not immediately return a message asking for comment on Friday.

Both sides verbally agreed to pay the man to buy his silence last week, a few days before the start of a civil trial over Hastort’s refusal to pay an unpaid balance of $ 3.5 million. Announced that a settlement has been reached.

A man who claimed to have been sexually abused as a teenager and was a wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in the 1970s has only been with James Doe in court documents since the proceedings were filed in 2016. It is called.County Judge Robert Pilmer This month, it was ruled that his name could be revealed in court.

His lawyer, Christy Brown, does not say whether the ruling participated in the decision to settle the proceedings.

Hastert, when he resigned in 2007, was one of the most powerful politicians in the United States and the longest Speaker of the Republican House in American history, but at the heart of the case where exposure to the hash money agreement led to criminal charges. bottom. A few years later, against him.

Hastort pleaded guilty to illegally concealing a huge cash withdrawal from his bank Sentenced to more than one year in prison 2016.Prosecutor said Haster was sexually abused At least 4 schoolboys Decades ago, I couldn’t be prosecuted for sexual abuse because the statute of limitations had expired.

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Reconciliation between Hastart and whistleblowers settles on Monday | Nationwide

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