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The weather was a bit bad last week, so I decided to spend my time at home in front of the TV. It was a revelation. Normally, I don’t listen to networks or cables after 8 pm until the cooler commentators are working hard. Sitting on the couch, eating medicated chocolate, and wrapping in a blanket, a woman with a very high opinion about herself discusses a completely beyond-the-head topic (“The View”) and Morley. Scanning Povic’s replays and, behind the scenes of society, enjoyed Matt Dillon coating Miss Kitty in black and white, and bought a lot of things on the shopping network (seriously, one woman). How many rhinestone-studded peacock brooches can I have?).

But what really fascinated me was Johnny Depp’s trial on Court TV. I have never watched Court TV. Most lawyers go to that channel because we can head to the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center and see it up close, but why we want to spend our leisure time staring at the melodramatic, Michigan or Lahoya lawyers. I’m sure I’m avoiding.

Still, Depp’s trial was different. This trial, which has spent years condemning the overkill of the #MeToo movement and dealing with the collateral damage of the “believe in all women” Crusades, has intrigued me. Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation in case he hadn’t spent time on the couch lately. A few years ago, Haad wrote a Washington Post editorial describing her abuse in the hands of her anonymous partner. The only problem is that everyone knew who their partner was. And he wasn’t happy to be portrayed as a violent and abusive man. So Depp complained. The case is currently being tried.

Depp vs. Hard has several fascinating aspects, which go beyond the celebrities of the parties to the proceedings. In fact, the high profile of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard may be the reason why the case arrived on court television, but that’s not really the most interesting aspect of the case.

What I find fascinating is the fact that someone accused of abuse has decided to fight back, completely unintentionally punished. And the fact that he did it through the legal system is particularly compelling, as that system often failed to be a true victim of domestic violence.

Heard’s editorial, published in 2018 at the height of the #MeToo hysteria, said, “I opposed sexual violence and faced the wrath of our culture. It must change.” Frankly. It’s hard to believe that women who opposed “sexual violence” in the last decade or so “faced the wrath of our culture.” That was actually the opposite. We have been taught to “believe in all women,” even if they are not particularly trustworthy women. And even when they are attacked in some districts, criticism is inferior to institutional support. In contrast to her target, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accusations, all you need to remember is the halo placed overhead of Christine Blasey Ford. It suggests that women who blame sexual assault in this era are at a disadvantage on the border of laughter.

Therefore, this proceeding is very interesting and important. Johnny Depp’s career has now failed because he felt his reputation (to be honest, already tattered) was irreparably damaged. Aside from the fact that Depp did more than enough to destroy his position in the industry in the history of substance abuse, he was angry that his ex-wife had dishonestly and unjustly hitchhiked her wagon. #MeToo Jaguar Note raised her profile and rode on the wagon to cover his body. They were divorced. Their story is over. They allegedly signed an agreement that neither would speak badly about the other.

But amber, like so many people (the majority of them are women), has some advantages of her playing victim cards, especially if she plays it fraudulently. I decided I could get it. Perhaps she continued to squeeze her private life for her cultural interests, believing that keeping Depp’s name away from her editorial would isolate her from her legal liability.

And this wasn’t a “blog” post to an ambiguous Facebook or Instagram page with Heard’s Jeremiah. Jeff Bezos’s little baby, the venerable Washington Post, helped her air her dirty lingerie. Needless to say, people have noticed. One of them was Depp.

There he filed a defamation proceeding. And for that, he deserves a standing ovation. It is unlikely that the actor is doing this to protect the rights of all men, or victims of abuse accusations. I am convinced that he is indifferent to the poor Schmack. He was dismissed from civil society after being called a “rape criminal” on social media after his hands were crippled and unwelcome to make dating angry.

But here it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that someone stood up and said, “You’re not going to do this to me, I’m just not expecting to take it.” Importantly, the victim of the accusation, which may or may not be true, was not threatened by silence, but chose to use the legal system to save his essential dignity. is.

To be honest, you don’t have to be a saint to have the right not to lie. Even imperfect reputations are worth it, and even those who do not live a life of perfect virtue deserve to be defined by those who benefit from sneaky cultural stereotypes.

One of my friends said that Depp and Hard are pathetic creatures and worthy of each other. They may be very pathetic. But that doesn’t matter. Depp thinks he was sacrificed by Hard. And unlike most people whose lives were destroyed by the accusations of abuse, Johnny Depp decided to do something about it.

The defamation proceeding will defend itself by saying that it is an attempt to punish her for talking about her pain and even to silence her. But I don’t think the defense will fly. No one is telling her to keep silent. But they make sure she is telling her truth.

As you know, this is an absolute defense against defamation. I think I need to see if she’s saying that. In the meantime, anyone who has been the victim of lies or hints should admire the flawed, washed-out actor.

Christine Flowers is a lawyer. Her columns appear on Sundays and Thursdays. Email her at

Recognizing Depp’s achievements for defending his reputation – thereporteronline

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