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Philadelphia has a lot of fun this summer. New things that opened during the pandemic, and lesser-known attractions that even long-time locals may not know. Ready to go out and start having fun again?

The William Jeans Library and Huntington Valley Library in Lafayette Hill are the authors of “100 Things to Do in Philadelphia” and “Philadelphia’s Unique Food and Restaurants” at 7 pm on Tuesday, June 15th. We are hosting a joint virtual book talk with Levy Baker. pm Baker discusses different ways to enjoy the area. Virtual events are open to the public for free, but registration is required.Registration link jeaneslibrary.org. (Link destination: https://jeaneslibrary.org/event/fun-in-the-philly-area-with-irene-levy-baker/)

Q & A with the author:

Q: Have you completed all 100 things?

A: I’m not ready to kick the bucket yet, so I ran 99 out of 100. Don’t ask which one I haven’t done. You have to read a book to know it.

Q: By the way, what is the title?

A: Yes, “100 things to do in Philadelphia before you die” is a disappointing title this year. This is part of a national series and cannot be changed. But now that we’ve lost a lot, I don’t think we’ve ever felt the need to live much stronger than we are now. Fortunately, most places have been reopened. And for those who are staying near the house, this book contains a lot of great stay ideas.

Q: Why did you update the book?

A: Despite everything happening, Philadelphia has many new attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels open. That created a compelling reason to update the book. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Philadelphia was the only US city to create a list of the best places to visit in National Geographic. This book reveals all the exciting new things that are happening in Philly and keeps you entertained.

Q: What is the content of the book?

A: Not only famous attractions, but also new attractions, spots under the radar that may not even be known to long-time Philadelphians. The book includes locations in the city, surrounding counties, and South Jersey. The 100 things in this book are divided into five categories: food and drink, music and entertainment, culture and history, sports and recreation, shopping and fashion. In addition to its usefulness, it’s a seasonal mini itinerary, as well as young families, families with teenagers, dates and burglars, free attractions, near the Pennsylvania Convention Center and Philadelphia’s most instagrammed places. There are recommendations for the activity.

Q: Your books and articles are full of tips. How did you come up with the hint?

A: The book will tell you how to find and enter unsigned Speakeasy, how to get the most out of Restaurant Week, how to get a discount on admission, and the best days and times to visit the museum. I will. As the owner of Spotlight Public Relations, a company specializing in restaurants and hospitality, I have worked for five local tourism offices, celebrity chefs, hotels and attractions. Prior to that, he worked for the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau for nearly a decade. That’s how I found many of the tips in this book (some of which I don’t want to let go). For example, a list of ways to cancel a trendy restaurant reservation. By the way, none of the booking tips are expensive, cumbersome, or accompanied by deception or knowing the chef or owner.

Q: Have you ever written another book?

A. Yes, I wrote the original version of the 100 Things book in 2016. Two years later I wrote. Philadelphia’s unique eateries It tells the sweet and spicy story behind restaurants in 90 regions.

Q: Do long-time Philadelphians enjoy this book?

A: I think so. For those born and raised in cheesesteak, the 100 Things book highlights unobtrusive spots, from old-fashioned rodeos to the former opera house, which has become a modern venue for A-list performers. .. An alley to visit the oldest tavern in the city. This new edition contains many things that weren’t here four years ago. A park that takes advantage of the former industrial space, a major museum in the historic center, an award-winning restaurant, and an interactive art gallery. More than 20% of what is described in this book is new or little known.

Q: What about tourists and newcomers?

A: First-time visitors can discover must-see attractions such as the Reading Terminal Market and the American Revolutionary Museum, along with Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, mural tours, Spruce Street Harbor Park and other attractions that can only be found in Philadelphia. I will.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the book?

A: A copy of the autographed book is available online at your local library. If you need your own copy to circle what you want to experience, you can get a signed personalized copy at the following URL: www.100ThingsToDoInPhiladelphia.comReaders of this newspaper can use the promotional code NEWSPAPER for discounts.

Ready to go out and start having fun again? Make this new book your guide.

Ready to enjoy again?Virtual event at two libraries by local writers | Entertainment

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