ReadingFilmFest Announces Winners

ReadingFilmFest presented the following awards at the end of the festival, which took place from September 30th to October. Downtown Reading 3:

• People’s Choice Best In Show: “We are all together”

• Reading People’s Choice: “Stakeout”

• Best Narrative Feature Film: “Simin” by Morteza Atash Zamzam

• Best Documentary: “To the Canton” by Pete McBride

• The best documentary by a female filmmaker: Susan Strickler’s “Oath to Hiroshima”

• Social Impact Award: “Not on My Watch: Betty Reed Soskin’s Emergency Mission” by Karl Biddleman

• Best Made In Reading Film: “Follow me, and I’m behind you” by Kyle Allison and Tallinn Havel

• Best Short Film: Mikaoa’s “Duet”

• Best Short Film by Female Filmmaker: “Jabari Keating” by Stacey Larkins

• Best Screenplay: “Love Isa Foot” by Michael LaFata

• Best of StudentFEST: “The Final Masterpiece” by Patrick Hanser

• Best shot in the feature: Morteza Atash Zamzam, “Simin”

• Best short film shoot: Mika Or, “Duet”

• Best Music / Scoring: Mojtaba Poorbakhsh, “Goodbye Olympic”

• Featured Best Actress: Amelia Dudley, “Night at Eagle Inn”

• Feature Best Actors (Ties): Brett Lada and Dustin Fontaine, “Andy Baker Tape”

• Best short actress:-Carlotta Brentan, “I’ll Meet You There”

• Best actors in short stories: – “Journalist”, “I’m an American”

• 2nd place, best actress in the feature: Laleh Eskandari (mother), “Simin”

• 2nd place, best actor of function: excellent guard, “required”

• 2nd, Best Actress in Short: Kate Hughs, “Life Happens When You Cry”

• 2nd place, short best actor (tie): Oscar Kryzerlow, “Gang Buster”,

• “Superior Guard”, “Mandatory”

• 2nd place, Screenplay: “Pen Hills Resort”, Phil Birdet

• 3rd place, screenplay, “Iffy Murphy”, Sarah Hosey


Richard A. Guy Collection Prison Art Example (Photo)

Studio B Fine Art Gallery, 39A E. Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown, PA, will host “Prison Art and Experience,” discussions, and the opening of an art exhibition.

From 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on October 24, former prisoner Joe Romeri and Jody Guy, executive director and founder of the Wilkinsburg Civic Center, visited Studio B, where prison experience and art were prisoners. Bobwood facilitates discussion.

The opening of the exhibition at the studio’s Gray Gallery is scheduled for October 29th, from 5pm to 7pm. Facebook live Running at 6 pm, the artwork will be featured on a brief video tour of the exhibition. An adjunct to the studio’s “Abstract, Impressions, and Real Estate” exhibition, the exhibition will run until November 28th.

The Prisoner Art Show / Experience, collected from Jody’s cousin Prisoner Richard A. Guy’s collection, revolves around a pencil drawing art class offered to hundreds of prisoners in Fayette’s state correctional facility.

“The purpose of the class allowed each prisoner to overcome the restricted prison environment, see the world from a new perspective and express himself through visual arts,” Guy said in a prepared statement. rice field.

Most of the pencil drawings were done by students with no prior art prior art instruction or experience.

“Some of the art represented by greeting cards, tattoo patterns, handkerchiefs, and envelopes may seem simple, but they represent the amazing artistic achievements achieved while in prison,” Guy said. Told.

The exhibition began in 2013 with a letter from Richard Guy, who was sentenced to life imprisonment at the State Correctional Facility in Fayette County Label. He proposed organizing an exhibition of the artwork of his fellow prisoners as a contribution to the library’s art lending program.

The exhibition and opening reception at Studio B is open to the public free of charge. The gallery is also available on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 2:00 pm, or by reservation, Susambibeik (suebie @, 484-332-2757) or Jane Stahl (janeEstahl @, 610-563-7879). ) To invite visitors.


The second installment of the Masters of Art Talk Autumn series will take place Tuesday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm directly at Clayon Maine at 313 Main Street, using the required masks.

Clay on Main owner and potter Delores Kirschner and artist / instructor Constance McBride talk about art as a community resource and the use of art to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Pottstown Area Artist Guild sponsors the talk.

The “Lonely Girls” project was launched in 2011 to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. The project began after McBride’s mother moved from her home to a living support facility. She was diagnosed with illness and lived her last year between the two worlds. What began as her portrait became a collection of works inspired by the woman she lived with.

One of the goals of this project is to raise research funding to “understand Alzheimer’s disease.” A platform managed within the University of Pennsylvania, it is a creative space for people to understand the past, present and future of Alzheimer’s disease. The Making Sense of Alzheimer’s features stories and ideas that address a changing understanding of what Alzheimer’s disease is and how we are trying to understand it in our lives.

Clay on Main is a non-profit art community and studio resource center that offers a variety of clay art programs to the local community. There are community classes and workshops in clay for adults and children, hosting specialized workshops, collaborating with other nonprofits to provide learning opportunities through art, and hosting public lectures and events. doing. There is also a joint gallery that displays and sells the works of members and guest artists, and a half moon cafe where local musicians gather.


Throughout the United States and around the world, the audience fell in love with Jeremy Davies, Clay Johnson, and the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra, set at the Schaefer Auditorium at Kutztown University at 7:30 pm on Thursday.

Tickets can be obtained at or by calling KU Presents. Box office revenue 11 am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday, 610-683-4092. Tickets are $ 36. $ 31 for students and seniors.

Bringing their rich friendship and charm to the stage, inspired by the styles and swaggers of legendary entertainers like Frank and Dean, Sammy, Davis and Johnson, they are making their own revisions to the Great American songbook. .. This recipe for 100% audience approval contains your favorite melodies from recent history. Motown’s dash, country shots, folk and rock studded on top, and the story behind it provide a musical banquet that nourishes all souls.

ReadingFilmFest Announces Winners

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