Ravens owner Steve Bishoti talks about last season’s “House of Cards,” a two-point conversion attempt, the Ring of Honor Wrestling, and more.

After Ravens was held in late November Ugly Week 12 beats Cleveland Browns, Team owner Steve Bishotti’s M & T Bank Stadium Suite was euphoric. The injured and devastated Ravens were somehow 8-3 at the top of the AFC.Bishotti remembers that his family was “very pleased with the victory.”

But deep in his heart, he could feel the vulnerability of the team’s success. Ravens made an incredible comeback and won without a key player.

“Honestly, I’m saying this a bit funny, but it was like a card house,” Bishotti told the NFL Owners’ Meeting on Tuesday. “When we were 8-3 years old, it was a kind of card house. In a strange way we won. Detroitof Chicago And one crazy comeback With Colts, It was like “OK, we are legal”. I kept thinking, “Holy thing-can you keep this together?” It was building me up, for example, to have false confidence because my eyes were fooling me. I did. I’m watching this team go, “I can’t believe we’re 8-3.” “

Their fate changed quickly. Ravens finished the playoffs in season 8-9. The injured finally caught up with them and knocked out a credible Lamar Jackson in the quarterback. Bisiotti understood: team quarterbacks (Jackson), left tackle (Ronnie Stanley), top two running backs (JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards), top two cornerbacks (Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey). Sideline and Russ’s odds Vegas will change dramatically in favor of their opponents.

“I was really emotionally happy with that, because I didn’t think we necessarily deserved to be 8-3,” he said. “I thought we were very lucky. I didn’t really have high expectations, like running the playoffs when you were so depleted. [coach] John [Harbaugh] More than I am, he’s there, so I’m trying to smash this and make them believe they still have enough weapons to fight the war. My admiration for them, the players, the coaches, and everything was very high. It was hard to get depressed when your pride level was high, I think I’m saying. You are aware of the reality of the situation. “

Bishotti said he did not consider 2021 a “lost year”, partly because the season was over.

“If we were sitting here 4-13, it probably feels like there was a slight crack in our foundation,” he said. “Maybe things weren’t going well. The fact that they were at the climax, they kept believing … it’s a loss you see 8-9 and go” boy, it’s really terrible ” It wasn’t like my year.It says, “It can really smoke much worse than that, otherwise I wouldn’t choose 14. [in the draft].. I would choose the fourth. “”

Positive support

When asked about a proposal to change the NFL’s overtime rules, Harbaugh joked on Monday, “I want to avoid overtime as much as possible next year, preferably with a lead at the end of the game.” There were too many overtime games last year. “

And there may have been more. On 20-19 in the 13th week, Ravens aimed for a two-point conversion in the second half of the road game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Two weeks later, Harbaugh made the same call at his home, with the Green Bay Packers leading the Jacksonless Ravens 31-30. Both last-minute pass sprays failed, and Ravens lost only one point in regulation.

Bishotti said he agreed to a “generally” aggressive playcall and “100%” agreed with the two-point attempt against Pittsburgh, but not against Green Bay. The reason was more related to his feelings for Harbaugh than the in-game strategy.

“Let’s talk about this. I opposed it. [in the loss to Green Bay] I don’t want to be criticized for John, “he said. “When I talked to John and said,’I didn’t agree this time, but it was your fault,’ we were at home, fighting fiercely, shocking the world, and working overtime if we lost to Aaron. Rogers says, “It’s good for you, give it a try.” John can’t be criticized for that.

“I didn’t like it because I knew the coach would be criticized the moment I failed. That’s why I opposed it, not because I’m fundamentally opposed to aggression. I’m the exact opposite. I love aggressive calls. I just said, “Please, God, make it so you don’t take it. [criticism] several weeks. ‘”

Additional points

  • According to Bishoti, Guard Marshal Yanda will be the Ravens Ring of Honor this season. Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, who has not yet officially retired from the NFL, will be appointed next.
  • Bishotti said there was a hole in the roster in the pass rusher and cornerback. “We need to get into the backfield more, no doubt about that,” he said. “It’s closely tied to the corners. If you can cover that extra second, those guys get to the quarterback. We gave up the yard we gave up and didn’t fire too much. Is natural. “
  • Bishotti said the entire defense draft would be “more than happy” given the team’s “obvious” needs. “The aggressive guys we’re talking about are the third tight end, the third or fourth running back, and the eighth aggressive lineman,” he said. “I think you can plug and play. [on defense] With a few guys who can start work here with the first few picks. “
  • Bishotti said he was “shocked” when Harbaugh said to Ravens. Say goodbye to defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale After the season. He also defended attack coordinator Greg Roman because of his injuries. “I don’t think it’s as unique as Greg Roman and you can’t prevent him from riding badly on his chin when things go wrong. If you tell Greg you’ll lose Ronnie and his two running backs. [tight end Nick] Boyle, he’ll probably go, “I’m about to get fired.” … I’m sure Greg spent a few sleepless nights after the wink was let go. “


Ravens owner Steve Bishoti talks about last season’s “House of Cards,” a two-point conversion attempt, the Ring of Honor Wrestling, and more.

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