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On Brandon Hyde’s right wrist, the Orioles manager wears a WHOOP band. Above all, technology measures his heart rate. These days, the peak should be getting higher and higher as Baltimore has found a new way to get back to the game that was once overlooked.

The latest example is Friday night, when the Orioles used four straight two-out hits. Walk the Los Angeles Angels 5-4. They have become the fourth team in the last 20 years and have won three games in a row, following the ninth inning. This is the third walk-off victory for the Orioles this week alone. This season, Baltimore has achieved three walk-off wins in seven days.

The Orioles have the second highest number of eight walk-off wins in Major League Baseball, after the New York Yankees’ ten. This is proof of what right-handed Tyler Wells said on Friday night. “This team has no resignation.”

That spirit soared the Orioles to a record of six straight wins and 41-44. And while they remain far from conversations in the American League East, wildcard spots are suddenly not that eccentric. They entered the third and final spot on Saturday, just four games behind the Toronto Blue Jays.

So how did the Orioles come here?

“The more we win, the more we can win, and the more experience we have, the more we find that we never leave the game,” says Hyde.

After another walk-off win, this is the ranking of all eight stacks this season.

8. April 30: 2-1 win in Boston Red Sox vs. 10 innings

Baltimore left the Red Sox blank on the rest of the road after Boston scored in the first inning. This set Anthony Santander’s game tying single in the 8th inning, and finally the game was sent to additional innings.

There came a fairly anti-climatic ending. There were no clutch hits or close quarters. Instead, Robinson Chirinos placed a bunt to move Jorge Mateo, an automatic runner on second base, to third place. Red Sox relief Hirokazu Sawamura defended the bunt, but the throw to third base overcame his teammates and Mateo won the walkoff.

7. April 15: New York Yankees vs. 11 innings 2-1 wins

The Yankees moved as the Orioles loaded the base against Relief Clarke Schmidt on the 11th. They wanted another chance to insert Aroldis Chapman closer, pinch a possible end-of-game moment in the bud, and move forward in the upper half of the frame.

The first turn at bat favored New York, and Chapman instigated Cedric Mullins second. However, his control shook and he disappeared against Ramon Urias. Chapman walked Urias, leading Austin Hays to victory.

6. July 4: 7-6 wins in Texas Rangers vs. 10 innings

The brightest moment was not 10 days. Adley Rutschman came in 9th with 2 outs, 1st runner and 1 run deficit. The rookie catcher doubled on the wall of the right wing, scoring Ryan McKenna from first base. At the time, Rutschman’s hit was the biggest hit in Oriole this year, with an additional 0.508 win rate, according to Baseball Reference.

Then, on the 10th, with the base loaded, relief Matt Moore hit Mateo on the pitch and ended the game. It was as monumental as Rutschman’s game tying double, but something was desired for a hit-by-pitch walkoff, but it was comical to help Hayes and Malins drag to first baseman. It led to the scene. Teammates got together.

“With a hit by pitch, I confirmed that Jorge was okay,” said Ryan Mountcastle. “But it was fun to participate.”

5. May 19: Yankees vs. 9 innings, 9-6 wins

One of the only stains on Jorge Lopez’s ledger this year was allowing DJ LeMahieu a single for Lanscore in his ninth match against the Yankees.

However, after a slow error caused Hayes to reach the base and Trey Mancini to be single, Santander walked towards the plate. His three-run home run gave the team a highlighted finish on the team’s second walk-off against the Yankees this season.In addition, Santander Well-discussed new left field wall It was his first career walk-off knock that the Yankees star Aaron Judge called “building a park.”

“Great!” Santander shouted when asked how the blast felt.

4. May 20: 8-6 wins in 13 innings vs. Tampa Bay Rays

In addition to the continuous comeback in this game, the fact that it came the night after the next walk-off victory adds to the mystery. There is also the fact that we have finished 15 games in a row to raise. The Orioles were forced to make additional innings by recording 3 runs in the 7th inning, but were delayed by 2 runs in the 10th inning and 1 run in the 11th inning.

In both cases, Santander brought back 2 to 10th place in a single and Hayes played another base hit in 11th place. It was set up for O’Doul’s turn at bat on the 13th, when he got a cutter and sent it over the fence on the right wing to the flag court.

“There are a lot of emotions out there,” Odor said. “We will not give up. We will continue to fight, we will continue to fight, and we will win the game.”

3. May 22: Raise vs. 11 innings, 7-6 wins

Thunder and pouring rain were added to the scene, and Haze arrived on the plate shortly after the worst storm arrived. He felt the wind getting stronger, but Hayes still pushed a two-run single into his left fielder, tying the game before the 51-minute weather delay paused progress.

After Raise and Orioles returned to the field for additional innings, O’Doul’s fielder’s choice took Latchman from third place in Baltimore’s third walkoff in four days.

“We’re just fighting,” Hayes said. “We don’t want to lose them [close] It’s already a game. “

2. July 5: Rangers vs. 10 innings, 10-9 wins

One night when he left the Rangers on July 4, the Orioles did it again in a more crazy way. Despite having a very reliable bullpen for most of the season, Baltimore lost the lead in the last three frames.

Still, they came back every time and became the first team to win in Major League Baseball history, despite allowing game draws and home runs in 7, 8 and 9 innings.

The last knock of the Orioles was from Malins, whose walk-off double score triggered McKenna to trigger the Gatorade bass.

“None of us can stop,” Malins said. “We have the idea that whatever it is and what it means, we come to win every day.”

1. July 8: Los Angeles Angels vs. 9 innings 5-4 wins

That’s not a recent prejudice. The Orioles’ recent walk-off win was probably the most electrical to date. Faced with a two-run deficit, Odor went down to two outs in the ninth inning and started things with a single.

Rutschman then rushed into the final strike, where Double found the grass in the center right field and decided to smell it. Still, Malins and Mancini had to add their own hits to complete a wild comeback, including two hits up to six innings in Baltimore, before the final eruption.

“We had a great attitude to keep the line moving,” Hyde said.


Ranking of eight Orioles walk-off wins in 2022, from hit by pitch to two-out rallies – Reading Eagle

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