Rank the seven games remaining on the Ravens schedule from the easiest to the most difficult

In 2019, when the Ravens won 12 games in a row and entered the playoffs as a Super Bowl favorite, they led the NFL by a point difference.

In 2020, they led the NFL by a point difference when Ravens achieved five consecutive victories to conclude the 11-win season and postseason berths.

This year was a little different. In the 12th week, 7-3 Ravens will follow the 8-3 Tennessee Titans in the AFC, but with a plus 17 points difference, they are in 7th place at the conference. Their 16-13 beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday This was the fifth comeback in the fourth quarter of the season.

“It was just exciting to see the efforts and sacrifices the team has made in the last decade,” said defensive end Curry Campbell. “This is definitely something we can use for future momentum.”

They take whatever they can get at this point. Starting Sunday night with the Cleveland Browns, Ravens will end the regular season with seven games against the team that currently holds the championship record.

We’ll show you how these games stack up, from the easiest to the most difficult. The ranking for each unit is determined by Football Outsiders.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (18th week of Baltimore)

Ranking: No.21 Offense, No.25 Defense, No.15 Special Team

Reason for vulnerability: This is not your dad’s Steelers defense. Pittsburgh (5-4-1) has scored at least 19 points in seven of the last nine games. Two exceptions: 16-16 ties against the unwinning Detroit Lions who played in cold and rainy conditions, and 15-10 wins against the Cleveland Browns and quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Injuries and illnesses are also a problem. Defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt (knee) and Tyson Alualu (ankle) are on the injured list and will not return soon. Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick missed Sunday’s defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers while on the Reserve / COVID-19 list. Outside linebacker TJ Watt is playing with hip and knee injuries. And Joe Haden, a cornerback, is back from a sprained leg.

Why not: When did the Steelers give way to Lamar Jackson? With four starts with Pittsburgh, he completed 57.9% of the passes, threw three touchdowns and five intercepts, averaging only 4.2 yards per carry.

Watt should be a mess on the edge, especially if Ravens can’t establish a run game. The Steelers defense front doesn’t make that easy. According to Pro Football Focus, Cameron Heyward is the NFL’s best-performing land defender among interior linemen, and former Raven Chris Wormley is seventh.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (Pittsburgh 13th Week)

Reason for vulnerability: Again, this is not your dad’s Steelers crime. According to Sharp Football statistics, Pittsburgh is ranked 21st in explosion execution rate, 26th in explosion passage rate, and 28th in explosion play rate. A shoulder injury at the end of the JuJu Smith-Schuster season restricted Pittsburgh’s corps and quarterbacks.Ben Roethlisberger is averaging 6.9 air yards per pass attempt, The lowest point in his career and one of the lowest in the NFL.

Rookie, backed by Najee Harris, is ranked second in the team by catch (337 yards and 49 with two touchdowns), but averages only 3.6 yards per carry. The Steelers overhauled attack line is struggling to puncture, and the injuries of Starting Guard Trea Turner and Kevin Dotson do not help.

Why not: Director Mike Tomlin has never finished with a record of losing the season in Pittsburgh. If the Steelers get there again, it’s probably because they protected Heinz Field. Ravens has been doing well in Pittsburgh in recent years, but has won two of the last three games and was mostly upset last year despite the coronavirus-infected roster.

5. Cleveland Browns (Baltimore Week 12)

Ranking: No.12 Offense, No.24 Defense, No.16 Special Team

Reason for vulnerability: Ravens knocked out the quarterback starting from the game in two consecutive games. Not good news for Browns (6-5) and Mayfield. Reportedly Addresses heel bruise, knee bruise, and left shoulder labrum tear.

With two games in the past, a big defeat to the New England Patriots and a few wins against the Lions on Sunday, Mayfield has won a total of 26-50 with 249 yards, two touchdowns and three intercepts. Tight end David Nyok and Austin Hooper may be his best choices in Passray. Ravens has done a solid job of stopping the tight end this year and is ranked 16th in defensive efficiency. According to football outsiders..

Why not: Myles Garrett is ranked number one in the NFL With ESPN’s Pass Rush Win Rate.. Jadebeon Crowney, a fellow defensive end, is in second place.Ravens is ranked third from the last in the Football Outsiders Adjusted bag rate..

Need more to say?

4. Cincinnati Bengals (Cincinnati Week 16)

Ranking: No.23 Offense, No.15 Defense, No.9 Special Team

Reason for vulnerability: This Bengal attack is not as good as Ravens saw in the seventh week. Part 41-17 RompCincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow passed his career’s best 416 yards, running backs Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine rushed a total of 111 yards, dropping Bengals’ yards per play from 5.8 ().10th in the NFL) To 5.4 (20th).

Cincinnati’s last two outings haven’t stimulated much confidence in the turnaround in the second half of the attack. In the ninth week before Bengals’ farewell, Barrow threw two intercepts, including Pick 6, to Browns with a 41-16 defeat. On Sunday, Barrow loaded the Las Vegas Raiders 32-13 with an average of only 5.1 yards in a single attempt, finishing 148 yards overall. Ja’Marr Chase, a rookie wide receiver, hasn’t exceeded 49 yards in the game since the 201-yard explosion in Baltimore.

Why not: Cincinnati (6-4) has the best run defense of all the opponents left on the Ravens schedule. According to football outsiders.. The Bengals took Ravens’ attack to one dimension in the first match, keeping running backs Devonta Freeman, Tyson Williams and Levion Bell down to 11 carries at 29 yards. Ravens finished in a 115-yard rush as Jackson ran 12 times (6 scrambled) at 88 yards.

These early struggles allowed Cincinnati’s Pass Rush to chase Ravens. In particular, the tackle Patrick Mecha was sent off due to an ankle injury and then proceeded along the right side. The Bengals defensive end ended with a combined Sam Hubbard and Trey Hendrickson at 3½ sack, with Jackson finishing 15-31 with 257 yards and a touchdown (his only game with 50% accuracy this season).

3. Cleveland Browns (Cleveland 14th Week)

Reason for vulnerability: The Browns pass rush may be an elite, but their land defense is tattered. The Patriots ran 184 yards in the 10th week, averaging 5.4 yards per carry. A week later, the Lions, the same Lions who played against one of the NFL’s least impressive rush attacks, piled up 168 yards and 7.3 yards per carry. ..

Kevin Stefanski said Monday he was confident that linebacker Jeremiah Owus Kolamore (ankle), one of the league’s top rookies, could play on Sunday.But after Ravens Was Cleveland at their last meetingThere is room for improvement, rushing 32 times with 231 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Why not: Owusu-Koramoah is not the only Browns outstanding return set. Right tackle Jack Conklin (elbow) and running back Kareem Hunt (calf) are both off the injured list and will return to practice this week. Conklin was an all-pro selection last season, with Hunt averaging 5.2 yards per carry and 8.1 yards per catch in the first six games of the year.

The Ravens are one of the NFL’s more robust land defenses, ranking sixth in the Football Outsiders efficiency index, but their depth and tackle abilities can be daunting. Defensive end brandon Williams hasn’t played since week 7 due to a shoulder injury, and defensive end Derek Wolf (back / waist) is out in the season. Inside linebackers may not be as good a test as Josh Bynes’s range and Patrick Queen’s strength as a star repelling Nick Chubb.

2. Green Bay Packers (15th week of Baltimore)

Ranking: No.5 Offense, No.14 Defense, No.29 Special Team

Reason for vulnerability: Like Ravens, Green Bay has an impressive record (8-3), but it’s not an impressive resume.Packers The 13th team of the NFL Overall, according to Football Outsiders, there are two spots behind the 5-5 Minnesota Vikings and two spots in front of the Ravens. Their top player, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, has already missed time this season due to a coronavirus infection and is now dealing with an injury he said was “a little worse than turf toes.” ..

There are also concerns about the line of scrimmage. Outstanding offensive lineman Elgton Jenkins tore his ACL on Sunday. The left tackle he replaced, all-pro David Bakhtiari, reportedly had recently undergone arthroscopic surgery to clean his torn knee last year and has not returned to practice. Defensively, the Packers are also ranked in the lower half of the NFL in ESPN’s Pass Rush win rate (26th) and Runstop win rate (20th).

Why not: According to ESPN, he is still ranked fourth in the QBR’s NFL for all the peculiarities and struggles of Rogers’ season (the team’s COVID-19 outbreak, leadership shortcomings, and hard to throw deeply). A year after being named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, Rogers completed 66.8% of his passes in 7.8 yards in a single attempt, throwing 21 touchdowns and 4 intercepts. Wide receiver Davante Adams has always been a nightmare to cover, boasting a high career of 13.6 yards per catch on average.

Even if Rogers’ toe injuries limit aerial attacks, enhancements could increase the average packers’ defense by the 15th week. -Pro Cornerback Jaire Alexander (shoulder) will be back at some point this season.

1. Los Angeles Rams (17th week of Baltimore)

Ranking: 2nd Offense, 8th Defense, 26th Special Team

Reason for vulnerability: Rams (7-3) may be able to fix the problem by early January, but for now it’s a rough patch. Matthew Stafford, who heads the NFL at the QBR, followed up on the worst match of the season in Week 9, and performance in Week 10 was even worse. The Titans and San Francisco 49ers lost double digits, averaging about 6 yards per pass. I tried to intercept more than touchdown and ended.

The mid-season addition of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been talked about, but it turns out that Robert Woods’ defeat due to ACL corruption is probably more important. Not only has he been a more productive receiver in recent years, he’s also versatile enough to unlock some of Rams’ creative running games. Stafford and Star Wide Receiver Coo Parkup need help from the rest of the attack, which lacks players in outstanding skill positions.

Why not: Perhaps no one will give Ravens a headache like the synchronized Rams team. If above-average quarterbacks could have a career day against this pass defense, what could Stafford, Kup, and Sean McVay coach make?

On the other side of the ball, this is not the same as a Ravens attack that rushed 285 yards and passed five touchdowns. In the 2019 rampage in Los Angeles.. Nor is it the same defense of Rams. Defensive harness Aaron Donald is one of the NFL’s most dominant players. Leonardo Floyd and the new addition Von Miller are a dreaded edge rush duo. And Jalen Ramsey in the cornerback can be expected to mark almost every receiver in the game.

12th week


Sunday, 8:20 pm

TV set: Chs. 11, 4 wireless: 97.9 FM, 1090 AM

line: Ravens by 3½

Rank the seven games remaining on the Ravens schedule from the easiest to the most difficult

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