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RADNOR — The Radnor Township Board of Health has rejected plans this week to recommend that Township regulate the sale of Kratom, a herbal extract that has killed many people over the past few years.
The Radner Commission last month called on the County Commission to consider issues surrounding the use and regulatory potential of Kratom after civilians and some county commissioners began calling for a ban.

The dispute over Kratom broke out in Ladner in February when a store called CBD Kratom opened in the former Starbucks shop on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne. The store was ordered to close because the owner had never received a building permit.

After discussions between the presentation and public comments, David Simmons, chairman of the Radner Health Commission, said he would advise opposition to the towns that regulate Kratom.

“Undertaking drug labeling and regulation is my recommendation for the town of Radnor to undertake,” he said. “It does not undermine the fact that I believe that everything being said here is true. I think there is a great risk and we in town need to take action. I think the amount of community involvement is encouraging because I have a strong belief that the higher the education level of parents, the higher the education level. The more our students and children are. , We will be able to provide information to our town and we will be well equipped, but I don’t think this will be easy and will never go away. “

Simmons went on to compile a report to the commissioner with recommendations.

Since the Health Commission is only an advisory group, the elected commissioners make the final decision on whether to regulate Kratom.

Residents have opposed the sale of Kratom every time there was a problem at a public meeting since the town ordered the store to be closed.

Sarah Laurel, executive director of an organization called Savage Sisters, has helped Kratom hold resources for people living with or affected by substance use and holding them to those who are recovering. I talked about the problem I have.

“I wasn’t aware that it was out in the store like this,” Laurel said. “In the circle of people I serve [kratom] It was very harmful to the world of recovery … it is very addictive. Highs are very similar to opiates, from percoset to heroin, and detox reflects opiate detox. “

Spencer Owens, a government affairs specialist at CBD Kratom, tried to read the statement during public comments, but was not allowed because he was not a resident of the township. Instead, he was told to take his statement before the next week’s committee.

No email was returned asking for a copy of his written remarks from the company to the spokesperson.

Simmons added that the store is closed, so there is still time in the town, but the debate about Kratom will not go away soon.

“The existence of the store is just a signal flag. These compounds are available in many other places and online. So the bigger problem is the problem of substance abuse, addiction … this store Beyond the icon, we draw our attention. I think we can only thank one thing, to raise the level of attention for potential problems. Radner Township, ”said Simmons. Told.

Radnor Board of Health Rejects Kratom Regulations – Mainline Media News

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