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It looks like another brilliant and sunny autumn day we have. The maximum temperature is expected to be about 72 degrees Celsius.

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Local octets embark on a newlywed life following an unconventional LAT trend

Morton’s Harry Mira, 87, and Latledge’s Ginny Baronis, 80, tied a knot on Tuesday, September 21, in the chapel of the Church of Our Lady of Eternal Help, surrounded by family and friends. Rev. James Gellner, Rev. of OLPH, celebrated the wedding mass for a happy couple. Everything about their marriage union is traditional, with one exception. The couple leads a married life as a LAT couple. Living together (LAT) has tended to increase significantly in recent years, especially among the elderly.

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High levels of COVID-19 infection continue in Montgomery County

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to exist in Montgomery County. “The rapid spread of delta variants continues to increase key COVID-19 indicators in Montgomery County,” said Dr. Val Arkuche of the Montgomery County Commission. Arkoosh provided a number of updates related to the public health crisis in his opening comments on Thursday’s Montgomery County Commission. Specifically, he noted that the county’s positive rate was 5.69%, with an average of 151 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over a seven-day period. She added: [of] Community communication. “

Colored family bears the weight of suspicion of racism at Daniel Boone School

A federal government complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education about alleged racism experienced by Daniel Boone students may be on track to resolve, but students and protection who have experienced similar incidents. According to others, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The district is in the process of meeting the terms of a “voluntary resolution agreement” with the Civil Rights Department of the Ministry of Education for complaints related to the experience of a student at Daniel Boone High School.

Survey: Most Chester County businesses have returned to pre-COVID levels

Despite serious concerns about revenue and labor shortages, 75% of Chester County companies surveyed said they would return to pre-COVID businesses, and 77% of physical workspaces and facilities. It reports that there is no change in size. This is due to a study conducted by the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) in collaboration with the restoration of Chester County. 24 survey questions focusing on the practice of “returning to work” such as telework, vaccination policy, travel policy, facility usage, space planning, etc.

Amazon Team: Crossroads expansion may start in October

The next important step towards a long-discussed road widening project in Towamenshin could be completed in just a few days. Township officials heard the latest information on the last real estate acquisition needed to widen the intersection of Gehmann Road and Detweiler Road on Wednesday. “We plan to close the private land we acquired on October 1st, and we’re likely to start construction a couple of weeks later,” said Darwin Beauvais, a lawyer on behalf of Amazon. It states.


Union midfielder Jose Martinez shoots at the match against Atlanta United on Saturday. Martinez worked hard to set the goal for Katspel Psibilco to win 1-0 in the union. (Submitted photo / Provided by Philadelphia Union)

Martinez, Psybilco reminds us of magic as Union Blank Atlanta United

The previous question of Union, who ranked 9th at the Eastern Conference last week, wasn’t one of his talents. It was an effort. Players and their managers agreed when they chose to turn it on, the coalition could consistently look like one of the best teams in the east. They were stuck under playoffs because they didn’t switch that switch enough. After two games, the club responded to the challenge. On Saturday afternoon, Union took good control of the problem at Subaru Park, eventually defeating Atlanta United 1-0 with a 71-minute goal from Katupel Psibilco.

When the Eagles visited Dallas, Elts came in and Myrata came out.

Zack Elts is back. The Eagles will return him to the practice field on Saturday, the tight end will be active from the COVID-19 list, and he expects him to play in the Monday night match against the Dallas Cowboys at AT & T Stadium. The bad news is that Eagles will be out of service with two aggressive linemen in the game. Jordan Myrata and his ailing knee need to join Brandon Brooks (Injured List) on the sideline and Andre Dillard should start with a left tackle. Myrata was injured on Friday.

Phillies Notebook: The first home run of Matt Beering worthy of a big hug

Matt Vierling’s unlikely Big League star turn wouldn’t have come any longer for the Phillies. A multi-purpose player who hit a minor this season hit his first career major league home run on Saturday. This was the only starting pitcher needed by Ranger Suarez, the starting pitcher Phillies won 3-0 at Citizens Bank. park.

College Football: Villanova loses, but Pennsylvania State University feels unsatisfied

The uneven performance at Pennsylvania State University on Saturday may have been a natural disappointment for the Nittany Lions during the Golden Time match between Auburn and Indiana. Or maybe it came from the boring practice of the Nittany Lions on Wednesday. For some reason, the rush attack at Pennsylvania State University splattered with a 38-17 victory over Villanova at Beaver Stadium. 6th place Lions (4-0) scored only 80 rush yards with 34 carry against Wildcats (3-1), who was 3rd in the FCS run (29.3 yards per game).

Racism at school; Octogenarians move to a new lifestyle.Phillies remains playoff hunt – daily local

Source link Racism at school; Octogenarians move to a new lifestyle.Phillies remains playoff hunt – daily local

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