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Queen Elizabeth sells two beers made from plants at the Sandringham House.

Available in bottles and sold for £ 3.99 in 500ml bottles, the beer can be purchased from the Sandlingham Gift Shop.

The bottle bears the name Sandlingham and nods to local wildlife with pictures of hares and pheasants. The best bitter is 4.3% proof, but the golden IPA is as strong as 5%. Beers made from organic barley harvested in the on-site gardens come in two variations: 4.3% Best Bitter and slightly stronger 5% Golden IPA.

The label says: “Sandlingham Estate is a wildlife paradise where pheasants, hares, owls and many other species breed in forest and farmland habitats.”

Best bitter is described as “unique nature” and “full flavor”, and IPA is referred to as “subtle flavor”. They are made by the Norfolk Barsham Brewery.

Also, from the signboard inside the store, you can see that it is produced “using organic barley harvested at the royal palace and clear water pumped from a nearby drilling hole”.

Following Buckingham Palace, a unique brand of sloe gin was launched.

The Royal Collection Trust (RCT) announced the latest additions to its drink collection after London’s dry gin was successful last summer and sold out within eight hours of being online.

The charity that cares for the Queen’s art collection and official residence hopes that the income from the product will help after the palace was forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Queen Elizabeth sells beer | Entertainment News

Source link Queen Elizabeth sells beer | Entertainment News

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