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WHITEMARSH >> Plymouth Whitemarsh players knew it was inside them, so it was time to prove it.

For the first time in all seasons, the undefeated and top-seeded Colonials Women’s Basketball Team has entered the fourth quarter and finished the match. No. 9 Huberford made everything very difficult. Ford has brought the right combination of toughness and physicality, putting PW in a less-faced position this year and could be at risk of losing the title.

They didn’t have to show it before Saturday, but every colonial player has a winning idea.

Thanks to that spirit, PW digged in, rebounded, took control in 4th place, stopped the toughest test of the season, beat Ford 36-28 and moved up in the 1st district 6A semifinals. ..

“Playing a team like Haverford or Haverford makes us better than us,” said PW Senior Jordyn Thomas. “I think it helps to understand if we made a mistake here or there. You can either bring it back to defense or back to offense. That’s what we’re a team of and We have shown us that we can achieve it to the extent we want. “

There is a bit of history between Haverford and Plymouth White Marsh. The program met several times in the recent postseason and was played at a December event in Delaware earlier this year when the other two teams had to withdraw due to a health protocol. rice field.

PW won the match and neither team was doing their best, but gave Ford coach Lauren Pericane a blueprint for what went wrong against the SOL champion. In December, PW took full advantage of its size and enjoyed the lob pass to the post player. So if Huberford wanted a chance to cause upset, he needed to neutralize its internal existence.

Both teams are well defended, but each effort made on Saturday was at a different level. Haverford decided that PW wouldn’t have a good breakdown to create and leverage this season, just launching the attack until someone got lost in a defensive shuffle.

“We did a much better job defensively at Bigs. Over the past few days we have emphasized defensive placement. I thought it was an incredible effort by the whole team,” said Pericane. “There’s a reason they’re 27-0. They perform the attack better than any team I’ve seen this year and have multiple weapons. We tried to get rid of some of their options. But you know that if you do that, others can step up, but we were going to seize the opportunity. “

The game wasn’t played at a high pace, but speed was a factor. PW coach Dan Doherty said Ford was usually a more orderly team, but on Saturday they tried to push the ball to the floor quickly, limiting Colonial’s ability to put pressure on the full court. Point guard Maddy Williams kept the team moving, and Caroline Dossey fought at both ends of the first half.

Although the score was low, the game was repeated many times until PW’s fourth quarter push. The Colonials, behind Thomas’s brilliant start, led 13-9 after the quarter, but dragged second and second, thanks to Rainey Allen’s incredible defensive play, to a 17-Caitlin Flanagan score. Because I was connected, I led in half. 16 leads.

“I think the difference between the games is the ability to put pressure on the half-court in the fourth quarter, keeping Dotsey scoreless in the second half, being 8-8 from the foul line, and I didn’t. I think a defensive rebound was enough in the first half, “Dougherty said. “Hubberford usually didn’t sprint the ball to the floor and got four or six simple points that way. They changed the press break a bit, but our girl also struggled. ..

“I think we’re in a little unpleasant funk, but when that happens, you rely on the little things.”

PW managed all four points from Thomas in the third quarter, as Huberford’s physicality seemed to plague the colonial era. Junior Abbey Sharp in particular made a lot of contact on every take to the rim without whistling for her efforts, but she will get her reward in a big way during the fourth quarter. ..

The three Williams raised Haverford to 22-19, with visitors leading 24-21 at the beginning of the final quarter. Thomas put Sharp in a basket to make it a one-point game, and then found some belongings. At the beginning of many of those little things, Erin Daily forced a tie-up and returned the ball to PW.

Another small thing that Plymouth White Marsh coaches harp is that players can shoot comfortably. For Sharp, it’s a spot-up 3 pointer from a drive and kick. This is exactly what she did when Flanagan drove and was in the corner of the Gore Head Bucket with four minutes remaining.

“As we went further into this tournament, the teams became better and more physical, and I noticed they were more physical to me, but my teammates also stayed open. I saw it because I was there, “Sharp said. “That shot, it’s a shot we practice every day, and I was able to take it with confidence. It was a really nice feeling to be able to give that lead for the fourth time.”

PW still needs to get rid of the game and gets a pivot stop at 1:40 on the clock when Thomas forces an incorrect pass that could be intercepted while the defense sticks to a 3-point lead. did. Senior Jefferson recruits added another little thing to the shelves by setting up a crunch screen with a daily free lane on the rim for a layup that moves the colonial four steps further.

The defense got another stop as the host did not miss a free throw attempt in the last 45 seconds, which was time for money on the line.

“Every time we time out, every time we can get together in court as a group, we get together and focus and bring everyone back together,” said Thomas. “We talk. Forget what happened now and start the next. As a team, it’s important to understand that we connect each other and focus on one thing at a time. “

Ford has been cut off the road to the district title, but they are firmly in the state tournament and will play to determine the seed from Wednesday’s 5th Abington. They took a few shots and minutes to defeat the district’s top seeds, but saw them have what they needed to stand with a PW-level team.

“I told the kids that at least three more games are guaranteed from today. The kids have acquired that right,” Pericane said. “We’re going to compete no matter who we play, whether we’re on the go or not. We did a great job of buying and running a game plan. We’re trying to get it back soon.”

PW will face 4th Pensbury, who won 5th Abington 50-48 in the semifinals on Wednesday. With the Falcons coming all the way, the Colonials will probably be a little smaller if they want to find a way to the district title game next weekend.

“I think that’s why we’re making us a very good team, and the reason we think we can go far isn’t that one person wins a 25-point game. “Sharp said. “We have a really balanced team and that will last in the end. Yes, we can double this one, but only leave the next one wide open. am.”

PW 36, Huberford 28


HAVERFORD 9 7 8 4 – 28

PW: Kaitlyn Flanagan 1 2-2 4, Erin Daley 1 4-4 6, Abby Sharpe 2 0-0 5, Lainey Allen 2 0-4 4, Jordyn Thomas 4 5-5 14, Fiona Gooneratne 1 0-03. Total: 11 11-15 36

H: Maddie Williams 2 0-0 5, McKenna Walsh 1 0-0 3, Caroline Dotsey 4 0-0 9, Emma Rowland 1 0-0 2, Mollie Carpenter 1 0-0 2, Aniya Eberhart 2 2-2 7 Total : 11 2-2 28

3 pointers: PW – Sharpe, Thomas, Gooneratne; H – Williams, Walsh, Dotsey, Eberhart

Abbey Sharp (left) and Jordin Thomas.

PW finds a late-winning play against the determined Huberford – thereporteronline

Source link PW finds a late-winning play against the determined Huberford – thereporteronline

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