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King of Prasha, Pennsylvania., March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / -Purolite Corp. (“Purolite”) today issued the following statement in response to Citrin Cooperman’s recent false and misleading press release.

“Citrin Cooperman obfuscates and disseminates falsely misleading information in a futile attempt to protect its reputation and further damage former clients who have relied on the company and its partners for decades. I’m continuing.

“What Citrine did not deliberately disclose in its press release is that Prolite is suing the company for failing to submit a schedule of corporate earnings and foreign information for the fifth consecutive year. Purolite has been applied to Citrin. We transfer responsibility to the injured Purolite by suggesting that the return was not submitted because we requested that the return be prepared in violation of certain regulations.

“You can’t go away from the truth. Prolite does not require Citrine to tamper with tax returns and will never do so. Prolite should take a different position from what Citrine has consistently taken in the past. Citrine prepared and filed a tax return for Prolite’s shareholders, consistent with past practices and advice that did not file Prolite’s corporate tax return, and in the same year. In addition, Citrine prepared a Prolite company but did not neglect to submit it. Returns-and now refuses to submit the prepared returns.

“Purolite encourages Citrin clients to read and know the facts about Purolite’s complaints. The truth is that Prolite and its creation deceive Prolite by stating that Citrine has prepared and submitted the interests of the company, unable to hold important elections for Prolite, and that Citrine is currently trying to deny. It means that he advised the person.

“I have a basic question that citrine cannot escape:

  1. Why did Citrin mistakenly state that Purolite’s tax return could not be filed for the fifth consecutive year and was filed?
  2. Why didn’t Citrine hold a significant tax election for Prolite, which exposed the company to significant postponement losses?
  3. Why doesn’t Citrin admit to filing Brodies’ personal tax returns based on the advice currently publicly denied?
  4. Why is Citrin not responsible for that serious error?
  5. Why is Citrine engaged in cover-ups and slander campaigns?

“What’s the answer, citrine?

“Prolite continues to be shocked and disappointed by Citrine’s actions, including continued attacks on Prolite’s reputation to distract from Citrine’s rude behavior. This is a gross negligence for professional companies. How to deal with? Prolite is injured and only wants what Citrine admits and quickly corrects its misconduct and justifies Purolite for ongoing injuries exacerbated by recent behavior Purolite will vigorously pursue a lawsuit against Citrin Cooperman and pursue all available legal remedies. “

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Purolite Releases Statement on Citrin Cooperman’s Failure to Address Mistakes | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source link Purolite Releases Statement on Citrin Cooperman’s Failure to Address Mistakes | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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