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Prosecutors are expected to conclude a proceeding against Kim Potter | Nationwide

Minneapolis (AP) —Prosecutors were expected to conclude a proceeding against a Minnesota police officer charged Thursday. Dantelite Death, set the stage for defense at some point Kim Potter Talk directly to the jury.

The 49-year-old Potter said he intended to use a taser when he shot and killed Wright on April 11. He was separated from the police at a transportation stop and was trying to get rid of him. Captured body camera video She shouted, “I make fun of you!” And “Taser, Taser, Taser!” Before firing once.

she Lawyers also insist Potter would have been within the right to use deadly power, as fellow officers were at risk of trying to escape Wright.

Wright’s death, a black man, began a few days of angry demonstrations outside Minneapolis at the Brooklyn Center, just as former white police officer Derek Chauvin was being tried in nearby Minneapolis. George Floyd’s murder.. Caucasian potter, Resigned 2 days after shooting..she He was charged with manslaughter.

It wasn’t clear when Potter would launch. Her lawyer also plans to call witnesses for several characters on her behalf, but the judge ruled on Wednesday that they would be limited to three.

During Wednesday’s testimony, power use expert Seth Storton testified about the prosecution that Potter acted unfairly in shooting Wright.

“The use of deadly forces was not appropriate, and rational police officers in the position of Potter officers could not be believed to be proportional to the threat of the time,” said Storton, a professor at the University of South Carolina Law School. Stated. He also testified that he had been charged in Chauvin’s trial.

Storton warns the jury that Potter is trying to use Taser in Wright, and if he thinks there is an imminent threat of death or great physical harm, a reasonable police officer decides to use Taser. He said he didn’t.

Storton said the deadly force was inadequate, even if Potter believed that another police officer was in the car, because of the danger of being shot by nearby police officers and Wright’s passengers.

And he said shooting would make things worse, as if Wright appeared to drive him away, he could be helpless and the vehicle itself would be a weapon.

In a rigorous cross-examination, defense lawyer Earl Gray sought to undermine Storton’s expertise, including questioning his experience as a police officer. Gray had Storton agree that he wouldn’t have been shot if he didn’t try to escape, and despite Potter’s warning that Potter intended to use it, Wright didn’t stop resisting the officer. I asked Storton a series of questions to point out that. Her taser.

Wright’s father, Arbuy Wright, was told by the prosecutor. “Sparks of life” Testimony allowing Minnesota courts to humanize victims.

He described his son as a typical brother who made a lot of jokes with his two sisters, and he said the family got together every Sunday. Arbuey Wright wept when the prosecutor showed the jury a picture of him and his son with his arms crossed, and a picture of one of Daunte Wright and his son.

“He was very happy with the junior,” Wright said. “He loved his son.”

The case is Mainly a white jury.


Bauer reported from Madison, Wisconsin. Contributed by Associated Press writer Sarah Burnett of Naperville, Illinois and Tammy Webber of Fenton, Michigan.


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Prosecutors are expected to conclude a proceeding against Kim Potter | Nationwide

Source link Prosecutors are expected to conclude a proceeding against Kim Potter | Nationwide

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