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Proposal – joins a man arrested for a rifle at a hotel in Chicago

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Chicago (AP) — A man in Iowa detained in Chicago formed a bond after police found a rifle with a laser sight in a hotel room overlooking Lake Michigan on the weekend of July 4. I suggested it to my girlfriend when I was released.

Members of the W Hotels cleaning staff told police on Sunday that they had observed rifles, pistols, and ammunition in a room owned by 32-year-old Keegan Castile, officials said. The weapon was found in the window sill on the 12th floor. The windows overlooked Ohio Street Beach and its main tourist attraction, Navy Pier.

Castile in Ankeny, Iowa has been arrested at a hotel and faces two counts of exacerbation of illegal use of weapons. A Cook County judge ordered him to be detained on Tuesday in lieu of a $ 10,000 deposit.

According to WLS-TV, Castel was released Wednesday and was offered to a girlfriend outside the 18th ward headquarters. She seemed to accept. He did not comment to the reporter shortly after his release.

“Through state proponents and your lawyer, we understand that you have permission to own a gun in Iowa,” Judge David Navarro said at a hearing on Tuesday. “But obviously we are not in Iowa.”

Police police officer David Brown says hotel staff should be praised for warning the police.

“The employee saw something that seemed to have prevented the tragedy by going into the room and cleaning it,” Brown said on Tuesday.

Brown said Castile had no criminal record. And at a hearing on Tuesday, a lawyer representing him said Castile had two children and was working as an auto mechanic.

“Our Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force officer reported and interviewed this person with his colleagues. We are continuing this investigation,” said the director.

Brown did not say whether the investigators determined why the man had a gun in the hotel room. Police said Thursday that the ministry had no additional information to announce regarding the incident.

Proposal – joins a man arrested for a rifle at a hotel in Chicago

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