Progress by bringing N. Washington Street Bridge closer to construction

Wilkes-Barre — With no work on display, considerable work is underway to prepare a new bridge on North Washington Street on the north end of the city.

Butch Frati, Wilkes-Barre’s Operations Director, provided updates on Friday on the progress of the replacement of bridges that are banned from vehicles and walking since 2013, when they were declared structurally unsafe.

The bridge has cleared many hurdles, from pre-designing to putting it on the list of projects that the Pennsylvania Department of Transport wants to build sooner rather than later.

“I am optimistic that we will begin the final design of this bridge in 2022,” said Frati, who also serves as Deputy Mayor. He added that it could be bid for later that year.

City council member John Marconi, whose E district includes a bridge, has asked about the status of the project.

“Our emergency vehicles will be able to reach parts of the city a little earlier, so I certainly feel that it should be promoted,” Marconi said.

At a city council meeting on November 23, Mayor George Brown told Marconi and other city council members what he and other members of his administration had learned from a telephone conversation he would have with PennDOT staff the next day. Said. The next meeting of the council is December 7.

Currently, Frati is a city Statement of purpose and need The project engineer Alfred Benesch & Co. Submitted to the Engineering Office in District 4-0, Dunmore, PA, about a month ago. It looks at the environmental and historical aspects of the project and explains why it is needed.

Frati said the local PennsDOT reviewed it and transferred it to Harrisburg’s headquarters and the Federal Highway Authority. FHWA offers 80% of the estimated $ 2.8 million cost, PennDOT 15% and the city 5%.

“It’s only about 30 days since this was resolved,” Frati said. Once resolved, a preliminary engineering phase is performed and the project then moves to the final design phase.

One of the design elements is about 2 feet of additional clearance for the tracks running under the bridge. The active line is owned by the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority. RJ Corman is Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway Co, which operates on short-haul routes used to move cargo. Was acquired.

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Progress by bringing N. Washington Street Bridge closer to construction

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