Professor PSU: Difficulty of Parliamentary Subdivision Map “Smoke Screen” | News

State College, Pennsylvania-The constituency change in Pennsylvania has been a hot button political issue for decades. Every 10 years, the legislature divides the state into parliamentary districts based on the latest census data.

Discussions against past constituency change efforts were based on the premise that the end result was always “gerrymandered” to favor an electoral party over another. The definition of “gerrymandering” is to “manipulate the boundaries of (electoral college) to support one political party or class.”

Recently, Governor Tom Wolf A member of his constituency change advisory board and the guiding principles that the federal government will use in approving the new federal parliamentary map...

Mr Wolf said the district ultimately drawn by the Legislature is important to his belief that voters are free to choose leaders and should not be pre-elected by elected officials. ..

“Our federation and our country were founded on the ideal that voters are free to choose their elected leaders. Not the opposite way. The parliamentary district depicted by the General Assembly is the process. Is the key. “

“Thanks to the members of the Advisory Board for their efforts in developing a thoughtful set of principles that will help us better assess the fairness of the Parliamentary map when it arrives at my desk,” he said. I added.

Ultimately, the finality of the newly drawn Parliamentary map is in the hands of Wolf. “The decision to accept or reject the next map is one of my most important moments as governor, and these principles are very important in guiding my review.”

Members of the governor’s constituency change advisory board say

On September 13, Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order to establish a six-member re-partitioning advisory board to advise on politics, including cartography and re-partitioning.

Christopher S. Fowler, PhD. Is an associate professor of geography and a professor of demography at Pennsylvania State University. Fowler is also a member of Wolf’s constituency change advisory board.

Fowler said the advisory board began with members’ views on what to include in the constituency change map, and their views were based on their own experience working and studying in their respective spaces.

“We met the governor and his staff and put out a list. Then we held a listening session and got a lot of positive feedback from the general public. We reflect this opinion. Updated the location to do and reached the principles you see. ”Fowler described how the principles presented by Wolf were created.

According to Fowler, some of the principles proposed were legal requirements in the first place. “Especially from the 2018 Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, what is required by the Constitution or case law.”

“The second tranche is based on best practices born from current thinking about repartitioning. Gerrymandering detection and challenge is a difficult business, but some best practices have emerged and almost all indicators are That’s why I tried to adopt them while maintaining flexibility. Mappers can play games with hostility, “Fowler said.

Political trade-offs on the actual map are inevitable, but the process behind them needs to logically explain what the trade-offs were and why. Fowler said.

“This is especially important because sincere cartographic efforts have no problem documenting that decision, while partisan maps have a hard time explaining the practice in non-partisan language. “Fowler said.

“The public has the right to know if it’s a story that comes out,” Fowler said.

Will Wolf Accept or Reject the New District Reorganization Map?

Fowler stated that the Legislature is not obliged to follow any principles when creating a new legislative map.

“I am confident that the Governor will use these principles to guide the decision to accept or reject the provided map. The current story concerns the process of commenting on draft maps and the ability of the general public. “We do,” said Fowler.

The legislature has produced nothing about changing constituencies. “There is no draft or observable process to comment. They are hearing and commenting, but I don’t know what they are actually doing to incorporate what people are saying. This Is very worried for those who want good things. Maps. “

If the time frame of the new legislative map is delayed to be approved by the legislature in time for the 2022 primary, there is minimal opportunity for the public to comment on what the boundaries of the new parliamentary district should look like. It means that it will be a limit. ..

Fowler said he believes there is much that the general public can offer in terms of providing small adjustments and other wise adjustments to the draft map.

“At this stage of the game, there’s no reason not to release draft maps for comments other than Congress trying to disrupt the process. Good government groups have been issuing draft maps for months, they’re those maps. Updated new census data. The need for speed in mapping for public comments is not a surprise to anyone, at least in all parliaments, “Fowler said.

He pointed out that the constituency change advisory board could only conclude that the legislature was delaying its efforts for partisan reasons, not focusing on a good government.

“There is really no excuse for this action. Even if the legislature intends to map the factions, delays are designed to cause problems and hide their actions. If you want to be partisan, the partisan Show me the map. Get hot, “Fowler said.

“Let the people see it and make a decision,” he said.

The bad rule on behalf of the legislature is that Fowler believes it is happening now, and he says he was furious that the people had somehow normalized the inaction by the legislature. rice field.

State legislator added to discussion

Brian Simms represents the 182nd district of Philadelphia. “The process is” better than the last constituency change, “just because of the growing confidence in the Democrats involved, said Sims, the only Democrat who declared his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. I’m expecting more than ever. [in the process].. “

Sims said the same Republican who used “Gerrymandering” to hijack political dominance and influence in the Legislature used that false domination to “attack women’s rights, children, families and equality.” I was disappointed to be the same Republican. ” And our fair elections do not intend to voluntarily abandon that false rule. “

He went on to say that he lacked personal trust in Republicans who still manage much of the process of creating new constituency change maps.

“The governors of both houses and the Democratic Party are doing everything they can to ensure fair results,” Sims said.

When will the new map be displayed?

Time is important if the public has the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback to the Legislature about the proposed map, but the deadline for approved maps is late January or February. Especially because it requires the candidate’s signature. Earn voting rights in the newly drawn parliamentary district.

“The legislature needs to publish the map before the governor can do anything, and it doesn’t show anything. Publishing the map takes time to judge its quality. In the world of sanity, The public will take weeks, if not months, to provide comments, “Fowler added.

Fowler was frank about the apparent omissions of the Republican-controlled state legislature. “But what are Congress going to do? When will they return to the session? Mid-December? To clarify, other states created a draft map in June and new censuses in August. Updated with survey data, comments and discussions throughout the fall. “

“There is no reason why the legislature cannot present a draft,” he said.

He went on to add it People should contact state legislators to help them do what they already need to do..

“Know that anything related to your data or difficult to map is a smoke screen. [state legislators] Do not remove from hook.. We are far behind most of the country, and it is a political choice that has happened. “

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Professor PSU: Difficulty of Parliamentary Subdivision Map “Smoke Screen” | News

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