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Each year, the last week of October is a national celebration of “Pro Bono” (a free legal service) for communities with restricted access to legal affairs. Financial resources. Local organizations and lawyers often strongly support this effort, often behind the scenes.

The Pro Bono program was first launched in 2009 in response to a difficult recession caused by the 2008 financial crisis. According to the American Bar Association.. The campaign met with unprecedented participation from lawyers who worked on pro bono training to serve endangered communities. Today, COVID-19 poses an additional barrier to access when demand for legal services is high.

Pro bono is often a professional effort by a lawyer, but it is also the foundation of a legal profession.

“Helping people has always been a basic belief of legal professionals,” said Danna Rich Collins, a former legal aid paralegal and manager at Williamsport’s North Pen Legal Services. Collins talked about his dedication to “local nonprofits, churches, neighbors, etc.” as a lawyer service long before Pro Bono was founded.

Since the doctrine is written in the legal policy, it is an expectation for the professional practice of lawyers. Pennsylvania Chief Justice Max Bear and Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Chairman Wilkinson called for pro bono service obligations in a letter to PA federal lawyers in May. Formerly known as “Rule 6.1 of Professional Responsibility — Voluntary Free Service,” this rule requires:

“Attorneys must provide public interest legal services. Attorneys are professional in limited means to persons or public services or charitable organizations or organizations at free or at a discounted rate, by means of services in activities to improve the law. This responsibility can be fulfilled by providing services, by legal system or legal affairs, and by financial support to organizations that provide legal services to persons of limited means. “

As the rules indicate, Pro Bono emphasizes legal efforts to provide a “limited means” community. As Rich-Collins states, Pro Bono is “specially designed to assist legal services and clients of legal services.” That is, these very “limited means” or clients of the low-income community. Despite its target audience, Pro Bono maintains its founding purpose of serving the community.

A typical example is North Pen Legal Service (NPLS), Public legal aid organization that provides services 20 counties in northeastern and central northern Pennsylvania.Focuses on low-income clients within each county of the service area. Anyone above the maximum income level set by NPLS can be represented by Pro Bono Services. NPLS coordinates case assignments so that pro bono lawyers can serve community members in need.

North Penn Legal Services serves 20 counties with details on the map.

In particular, Rich-Collins spent 46 years as a pro bono coordinator at NPLS, among other roles. According to PBA Pro Bono Coordinator David Keller Trevaskis, the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Pro Bono Partner Award will be renamed 14 years after its inception in honor of Rich Collins’ contributions.

In Lycoming County, lawyers are expected to join Pro Bono and be referred by NPLS unless they opt out of the program. Donations from people who opt out are required.

If there is no organized program in the county within the NPLS service area, lawyers will be referred and contacted by Pro Bono as needed. These networks are Pa according to the needs of a particular local community. We guarantee the active participation of our lawyers.

PBA Chairman Kathryn Wilkinson and Pro Bono Coordinator David Trebasquis responded to the needs of many pro bonos throughout the state: “Whatever your needs, lawyers are trying to meet different needs, but frustration is always there. There is more need. Available help. That’s why we rely on Pro Bono volunteers. “

The type of pro bono case is Pa, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects conflicts affecting the low-income community.

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According to the 2020 Pro Bono Report of the NPLS Williamsport Office, about 70% of Pro Bono cases in Lycoming County in 2020 were domestic violence cases, often resulting in a “protection from abuse” order (PFA). rice field. The next most common cases were custody cases of about 8% and landlord / tenant cases of about 4%.

Rich Collins talked about NPLS’s response to COVID-19 and mentioned a list of its impact on pro bono services: unemployment compensation, eviction of peasants, and inclusion in domestic violence. Wilkinson specifically addressed one group of people affected by COVID-19, the elderly.

According to Wilkinson, PBA is actively researching ways to improve access to legal services, including efforts to give older people with less technology experience access to online services. According to Wilkinson, the PBA appreciates one of Lycoming County’s programs, Wills for Heroes, and has proven successful in facilitating access to legal services. Since 2007, the program’s volunteer lawyers have created over 19,000 real estate packages for veterans and first responders.

The relationship between a lawyer and his client is very important to the work of Pro Bono. As a lawyer with a history of pro bono practice, Wilkinson said: I can help them. I appreciate it very much. It’s very rewarding for them and for us. “

According to a former NPLS client, a Lycoming County Pro Bono lawyer who assisted her said, “It was a great help and understanding. I am happy that this service is available to people like me who cannot afford legal assistance. I think. It’s safe to know. There are people who can help! ”

Pro bono may be a professional practice, but for Danna Rich Collins, President Wilkinson, and for pro bono programs and lawyers active throughout the state, pro bono has a personal relationship with the lawyer community and for clients who have received support. Promotes both personal rewards.

How to find pro bono help

Where can people turn if Pro Bono’s lawyer services are restricted in their area? How does legal aid improve access to communities in need? PBA proposes the following resources:

  • Pennsylvania Free Legal Answers Is a walk-in clinic-based virtual online option where clients request brief advice and advice on specific civil law issues. Lawyers provide information and basic legal advice without expecting a long-term agent. However, lawyers can choose to extend long-term pro bono services to their clients.
  • Provides an online legal community that provides information and resources to free lawyers, litigation aid lawyers, public defenders, and other lawyers interested in increasing access to justice. This site contains resources to help lawyers represent low-income or disadvantaged clients.
  • It provides clients with information on civil law issues and answers to many civil law questions. Created as a place for clients to find resources. Many of the more than 100,000 users each month consider it easy to access.

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Pro Bono Lawyer Services Form a Strong Pennsylvania Community | Nonprofit

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