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Prince William reiterated that the British royal family wanted the “best” of the federal people.

The 39-year-old royal family closed the Caribbean tour on Saturday (26.03.22) after Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness confirmed to the Duchess of Cambridge that the country was aiming for “independence.” The community, regardless of who chose to “lead the family in the future.”

He said in a statement: “I know this tour has brought us more sharply focused questions about the past and the future. In Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, the future is up to people to decide.

“Foreign tours are an opportunity to look back. You learn a lot. What is in the heart of the Prime Minister. The hopes and ambitions of school children. The daily challenges faced by families and communities.

“We enjoy our time with communities in all three countries and have a deeper understanding of the issues that are most important to them.”

The second succession to the British throne adds: For us, it doesn’t tell people what to do. It is to serve and support them in the way they think they are best by using the lucky platform we have.

“That’s why such tours reaffirm our desire to serve the people of the Commonwealth and listen to communities around the world. That’s why the Commonwealth chooses to lead its families in the future. It’s not my opinion. What’s important to us is the possibility that the federal family must create a better future for the people who shape it, and we will do our best to support it. Commitment. “

The arrival of the British royal family on a Caribbean island on Tuesday (22.03.22) was characterized by protests seeking compensation for slaves from the monarchy as they were asked to resign as head of state.

In response, William expressed his “deep sorrow” for slavery.

Cambridge attended an official dinner and reception hosted by the Governor-General of Jamaica at King’s House in Kingston, Jamaica. There the royal family condemned the “disgusting” slave trade.

Regarding the couple on the fifth day of the Caribbean tour, he said: “I want to express my deep sorrow. Slavery was abominable.

“As the pain deepens, Jamaica continues to build the future with determination, courage, and an indomitable spirit.

“The strength and common sense of purpose of the Jamaican people expressed in your flag and motto celebrates the invincible spirit.

“I strongly agree with my father, the Prince of Wales, who said in Barbados last year that the horrific atrocities of slavery would forever pollute our history.”

William also claimed that his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, had a “deep affection” for Jamaica.

Prince William: I Want the Best for the Commonwealth | Entertainment News

Source link Prince William: I Want the Best for the Commonwealth | Entertainment News

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