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Preparing a Private New Mexico Camp to House Immigrant Children | National

Albuquerque, New Mexico (AP) — A private Christian camp in northern New Mexico volunteers to prepare for the potential arrival of immigrant children from the US-Mexico border as federal detention centers become more crowded. And looking for a donation.

A Glorieta Camps website page The organization states that the White House and the US Department of Health and Human Services have asked the facility near Santa Fe to accommodate and feed 2,400 potentially unaccompanied children.

Glorieta Camps executive assistant Josh Nelson said Wednesday that the organization had been in talks with federal authorities for the past two days and did not know when the deal would be completed. He said the camp was ready to take the kids soon on Thursday, but could only do so for 60 days to avoid having to cancel its own summer program.

President Joe Biden is under pressure to address immigration concerns as thousands of children and families arrive at the US-Mexico border in camps. U.S. Border Guard agents were abandoned Tuesday night after two girls from Ecuador were dropped by smugglers on a 14-foot-high border guard in New Mexico, just west of El Paso, Texas. I reported that. The three- and five-year-old sisters were unharmed and are now in detention, but authorities have called for horror in the latest incident.

Convention centers in San Diego and Dallas, and even A camp for oilfield workers in western Texas has been renovated If the government scrambles to find more space, it will be put into temporary housing. In Arizona, advocacy groups can bus families and single adults to temporary shelters in Tucson and Phoenix and wait until they are placed with US families and other sponsors.

Border guards arrest more children daily than the health and welfare services sponsor, leading to a serious backlog. Border guards are usually not expected to detain children for more than three days, but health and welfare services do not have space.

For the first time on Tuesday, the Biden administration allowed Associated Press journalists and CBS crew members within a major border detention facility for Texas immigrant children. Tour revealed heavily crowded tent structure More than 4,000 people, including children and families, were packed into a space for 250 people.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office only knew Wednesday that the Biden administration was looking for a temporary place for unaccompanied children, but where and which facility was considered. He said he didn’t have any details or information about it.

Brian Sailor of the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, New Mexico, told The Associated Press last week that the state would be in regular contact with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. Said that.

“New Mexico is demanding that these federal agencies take a coordinated response to address increased border activity,” he said at the time, and the state was a local emergency manager or non-governmental emergency manager. He added that he was also in talks with a government group.

Aaron Morales, a spokesman for Senator Martin Heinrich, Senator of New Mexico, understands that the office has no plans to open a shelter in New Mexico at this time. Said.

Operated by a Christian non-profit organization called Glorieta 2.0, Glorieta Camps are usually located on 2,400 acres of land that are widely open for people to interact with nature. The facility has more than 100 sleep, dining and conference buildings, but there are doubts about what changes may be needed to secure a no-frills conference hall or bunk bed dormitory.

Camp employees and other groups were looking for volunteers to help the public and help care for their children by calling on the public to help provide supplies. Social media posts and emails required toiletries, bath towels, water bottles, and clothing for boys aged 13-17.


Associated Press author Morgan Lee in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Noman Merchant in Houston contributed to this report.

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Preparing a Private New Mexico Camp to House Immigrant Children | National

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