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Powerful Philadelphia Union Boss, Councilor Tried | Work

Philadelphia (AP) — Powerful Philadelphia Labor leader Johnny “Doc” Doherty was tried on Monday in a city hall corruption case accusing city councilors of staying on union salaries and pushing the agenda.

After spending more than $ 30 million on union funds for political candidates, 61-year-old Doherty faces a later blackmail trial against other union activities. He expressed confidence that he would reveal his name when he arrived at the Philadelphia Inquirer in federal court on Monday for a jury selection. report.

“I have zeroed crime,” Dougherty said outside the court and made zero with his hands for emphasis. “So this is a relief. I can’t wait to get in and get this done.”

Dougherty was in the FBI’s view for years before the 2019 indictment Indicted him While city councilman Bobby Heenon worked full-time in a $ 140,000 city council post annually, he continued to work for a $ 70,000 union annually, resulting in more than 100 crimes.

Dougherty has a solid grasp of the Philadelphia region’s construction industry for over 20 years, under the direction of Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which has approximately 5,000 members. He also heads the City’s Buildings Trades Council, a group under the local union with 70,000 members.

As an example, according to the indictment, Doherty was Comcast Corp when media giants negotiated a renewal of the city’s 15-year cable lease. Pressured his friends to direct $ 2 million worth of electrical work. The Philadelphia Children’s Hospital was pressured to install MRI equipment on its members. He had Hennon investigate the towing company that seized Doherty’s car.

The union primarily favors Democratic candidates, but sometimes Republicans.

Hennon, a Democrat and former union electrician, has remained in the city council since the indictment in 2019. Both he and Doherty face 13 counts, including plots and honest service fraud, and are sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for the most serious offenses. Both claim innocence and maintain a free bond.

A federal prosecutor said Mr. Dougherty “prioritizes his own interests over the interests of his members.”

However, defense lawyer Henry E. Hockeymer said in a statement in 2019 that Doherty had poured all his energy into the union and called it “stupid” for trying to scam it.

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Powerful Philadelphia Union Boss, Councilor Tried | Work

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