Pottstown guy pulls jail for role in drug trafficking organizations in multiple counties

Norristown — A Pottstown man pleaded guilty to drug-related plea in connection with a corrupt organization alleging that authorities distributed the deadly drugs fentanyl and cocaine in the counties of Montgomery, Burks, and Lehi. , Was sent to jail.

Comese Robinson Sr., 42, in 900 blocks of North Hanover Street, was sentenced to seven and a half to fifteen years in a state correctional facility after being found guilty of colluding with a corrupt organization in a Montgomery county court. It was done. Cocaine and conspiracy to provide regulated substances in connection with the drug ring dismantled in June 2018 during an investigation entitled “Operation Poison Control”.

“The drug tragedy led to violence and quality of life crimes, and the defendant was involved in putting those drugs on the street and selling them for financial and profit. He was another person. I was making money from my addiction, “said Roderick Fancher III, an assistant district attorney who asked Robinson for a long sentence. “This defendant had a great impact on the daily lives of the people of Pottstown.”

The judgment was imposed by Judge Lisabe Triferman.

Robinson, represented by defense lawyer David B. Mishak, was among the dozens rounded up during the drug investigation. At the time of the arrest, district attorney Kevin R. Steele said drug traffickers were delivering “poison” to drug addicts in the area.

According to prosecutors, Robinson is a direct customer, supplier and leader of a corrupt organization, 1000 blocks of David Tyrone Cooper, 45, on Sailor Street in Muhlenberg Township, Berks County. ..

Prosecutors alleged that Robinson was supplied with drugs by Cooper and then distributed.

“He was part of the organization and was in direct contact with David Cooper,” Fancher claimed, referring to Robinson.

Cooper is awaiting a ruling in the US District Court in Philadelphia, according to court documents, and previously pleaded guilty to multiple drug and weapons-related crimes related to his role in the operation. rice field. The trial will be held in federal court in Allentown early next year.

In 2019, Cooper’s proceedings were transferred to federal court, and defendants faced more serious penalties than if they were convicted in county court. Cooper can face decades of imprisonment for federal crime. US District Attorney Christopher Parisi has filed a federal proceeding.

Investigators from the district attorney’s violent crime unit said the organization’s criminal activity was reported to police by nine confidential informants and three anonymous “related parties.” The investigation also used electronic surveillance, such as wiretapping the suspect’s phone, visual surveillance, controlling drug purchases, and seizing evidence with investigative warrants.

During the investigation, the detective learned that Cooper had previously been imprisoned for about 10 years on suspicion of drug trafficking and distributed drugs in Montgomery County while preparing to be released from state prison in 2015. “I made a plan,” he said. Criminal accusation.

“This investigation reveals that Cooper has achieved his goal,” the detective wrote, adding a plan that “includes the participation of various sub-dealers.”

On June 1, 2018, the detective intercepted a call between Cooper and his alleged South Army, and Miguel A. “Mig’s” Figueroa Jr. delivered fentanyl to Cooper at the Muhlenberg Township residence. Revealed. Detectives who have established surveillance in the area and have observed Figueroa arriving at the Honda Odyssey and meeting Cooper.

According to the arrest affidavit, the detective seized cocaine, drug packaging materials, and firearms during a subsequent search for Cooper’s residence. A detective who claims to have obtained cocaine from Figueroa.

Figueroa also used the hidden compartment behind the Honda Odyssey, or voids, to hide the drug. State police soldiers trained to identify such modified vehicle compartments searched the vehicle and found two bags of fentanyl, nearly 200 grams, and a Glock .40 caliber firearm.

Officials said the confiscated fentanyl could have been divided into 6,600 times on the street.

Figueroa, 37, 700 blocks of reading Lance Place, was identified in court documents as a supplier of Cooper’s fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine.

Figueroa had previously been in the Montgomery District Court on suspicion of corrupt organization, possession with the intention of delivering fentanyl and cocaine, a plot, and November 2015 and June 2018.

Investigations have also been conducted in other residences in Montgomery, Burks and Lehigh County, and court documents show that drugs, seven firearms and $ 34,000 in cash have been confiscated.

The arrest was the culmination of a joint investigation by the authorities of the Montgomery, Burks, and Lehi counties, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania Office, and the Pennsylvania Police Department.

Pottstown guy pulls jail for role in drug trafficking organizations in multiple counties

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