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Welcome to Seven in Seven. Here we usually see shows that will be held in the area every week and next week. And because of the current pandemic, they aren’t completely yet, while the venue doors are slowly opening again. That doesn’t mean the music will stop, and there are new releases every week from artists you know and love and artists waiting to be discovered. Every week, we’ll take a look at some of the region’s most popular shelves and streaming services, as well as some of the shows you can’t miss.

Whether your musical taste is rock’n’roll, jazz, heavy metal, R & B, singer-songwriter or indie, there’s always something to check. The contents of the docket for the week of October 29 are as follows.

This week’s show

Quick Sand — The Theater of Living Arts — October 31st

Nothing is more scary on Halloween than missing post-hardcore master Quicksand closing the first leg of the tour to support the band’s latest album, Distant Populations. The new LP was recorded at Studio 4 Recording in Concho Hocken, so the NYC outfit actually has a local connection. Expect classic songs such as “Omission” and “Fazer” and songs from My Bloody Valentine with a killer cover of “Don’t AskWhy”.

New release

Jerry Cantrell — “Brighten”

Beyond instantly identifiable riffs as well as recognizable vocals, Jerry Cantrell is always known as a songwriter first and foremost. As a co-founder, vocalist, lead guitarist and solo artist of Alice in Chains, the songs that make up his influential catalog resonate across cultures. His third full-length solo activity, “Brighten,” continues that trend. Cantrell moves seamlessly between heavy and light, with acoustic and piano prosperity, adding even more depth to the already richly textured sonic palette.

Richard Ashcroft — “Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 inch

“Acoustic Hymn Vol. 1” features several new and strip-back versions of Richard Ashcroft’s classic songs, including the iconic “Bitter Sweet Symphony.” In fact, it was acoustic that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards began to return credit for songwriting after the singer-songwriter was basically robbed of it when he appeared before Verve in 1997. It was a version. Elsewhere, “This Thing Called Life” is a completely reworked version of the song, with the original punchy hip-hop flavored beats and funk guitar decorations removed and replaced with an organic full-band sound. ..

Monsters and Men — “My head is an animal (10th anniversary edition)”

Marking an important milestone, a group of multi-platinum Icelandic monsters and men will be offering a 10th anniversary edition of “My Head is an Animal”, celebrating 10 years from the arrival of its platinum-certified debut. What makes this unique is that the group has released a version of the album when it was released in Iceland in 2011. This version has a total of four tracks not found in the 2012 US release, including two tracks that have never been released before. Songs of “Phantom” and “Sugarina Bowl”. The anniversary album also comes with a commemorative item and a limited edition vinyl as a special thank you to the fans.

Pink Floyd — “The Momentary Progress of Reasons: Remixes and Updates”

Pink Floyd’s “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” has been remixed and updated from the 1987 original “The Later Years” master tape for digital use in vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and stereo and 5.1 mixes. You will be able to do it. The release of the 2019 The Later Years project gives an opportunity to get a new overview of LP and returns some of Richard Wright’s original keyboard take along with a new drum track re-recorded with Nick Mason. .. Producers David Gilmour and Bob Ezrin have regained a better creative balance among the three band members.

Johnny Cash — “Bears Sonic Journal: Johnny Cash, Carousel Ballroom, April 24, 1968”

The entire historic concert by Johnny Cash, recorded by the innovative sound wizard Aussie “Bear” Stanley, was first used as “Bear’s Sonic Journal: Johnny Cash, Carousel Ballroom, April 24, 1968”. It is now possible. Sonic’s pioneer and unconventional genius, Stanley’s mix captures Cash’s plain voice completely on the right channel and Tennessee Three on the left, between Johnny and his band. Set the listener as if it were the center stage of the carousel.

Fur — “silent resistance”

For nearly thirty years, and in the process of countless releases, the American band Pelt has crossed non-idiom improvisations, oriental psychoacoustics drones, and the noisy post-rock of its early incarnations. “Reticence Resistance” was recorded live at Cafe Oto in London in February 2017 for more than 2 nights. Using only the microphone of an acoustic instrument, I captured the spacious and attractive sound of the performance without any effects.

Volume check

Quicksand: “Light source”
Jerry Cantrell: “Atonement”
Richard Ashcroft: “This is what is called life”
Monsters and Men: “Phantom”
Pink Floyd: “About turning”
Johnny Cash: “Ira Hayes Ballad”
Pelto: “Diglossia”

Post-hardcore master Quicksand plays TLA and releases 6 more new albums [Seven in Seven] – Reading Eagle

Source link Post-hardcore master Quicksand plays TLA and releases 6 more new albums [Seven in Seven] – Reading Eagle

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