Possible projects in Montgomery County

On Friday, state and federal officials advertised $ 1.6 billion in bridge funding that Pennsylvania would receive under a parliamentary infrastructure bill in November.

No funding has been allocated for a particular project yet, but the following is just a small list of existing Pennsylvania Department projects in Montgomery County that may be potential funding candidates.

• Old York Road (PA Route 611) Bridge over Abington’s Septam Truck: Exchange — $ 11,106,000

• King of Prasha State Highway 23 and US Highway 422 Interchange: Interchange Improvements — $ 14,785,000

• Markley Street South in Norristown: Improving Existing Signals — $ 3,873,000

• New Hanover Square Road Bridge Swamp Creek: Exchange — $ 3,228,000

• US Route 422 Bridge over Norfolk Southern Railway on Evergreen Road, Limerick: Reconstruction — $ 77,568,000

• North Charlotte Street (PA Route 663) Bridge, a tributary of Minister Creek in New Hanover: Deck Exchange — $ 2,887,000

• Congo Road Bridge over Middle Creek in Gilbertsville: Exchange — $ 1,448,734

• Skippack Pike Bridge over Skippack Creek in Evansburg State Park: Exchange — $ 5,569,000

• Niantic Road Bridge over Douglas Parkiomen Creek: Replacement — $ 1,817,000

• Readjustment of the Pike intersection between Ridge and Germantown, and the possibility of a second bridge over the Lower Providence Township Parkiomen Creek — $ 16,700,000

• Parkio Menville Road Bridge over Sisio Ta Creek in Upper Fredericktown: Exchange — $ 2,790,000

Possible projects in Montgomery County

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