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Police: One person was killed and 12 were injured in a store shooting.Shooter Dead | News

Shooters attacked a grocery store in the upscale suburbs of Tennessee on Thursday afternoon, killing one and injuring 12 others, officials said.

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said the shooting had taken place at a Kroger store in his suburban community about 30 miles east of Memphis.

A total of 13 people were shot dead, 12 of whom were taken to hospital, some of whom were seriously injured, he said.

Police received a call about the shooting at around 1:30 pm, arrived within minutes, and found several people shot when they entered the building, Lane said.

He said police SWAT teams and other police officers went into the aisles inside the store, found people seeking or hiding covers, and took them to a safe place. He said the archer he described as a man was found dead in an apparently self-harming gunshot wound.

“We found people hiding in a locked office freezer. They were doing what they were trained to: run, hide, fight,” the chief said without elaboration.

Employee Glenda McDonald described the chaotic scene as follows: WHBQ-TV..

“I was walking towards the flower department and I heard gunshots,” she said. “It sounded like it was coming from a deli. And I ran out of the front door, and they already shot the front door. And I’m in the parking lot now. And how many Some people were shot, some customers and employees. I don’t know how many. “

Another Kroger worker, Brinetta Dickerson, said WREG-TV She was working at the cashier when she first heard that the balloons would pop.

“And here he came right behind us and started shooting,” Dickerson said. “And he kept shooting, shooting, shooting. He shot one of my colleagues in his head and one of my customers in his stomach.”

She said a colleague in her twenties was shot in the head and wanted a mother.

“I left her with a voice email saying he was speaking vigilantly,” Dickerson said, adding that she was still trying to contact her.

She said she prayed for her colleague’s recovery.

“My colleague who was shot is doing well and he will be healed. He was still wary by the grace of God, and I am still here by the grace of God, and I by the grace of God All the people who were with me are still with me, “she said.

The identities of the shooters and victims were not immediately disclosed. The suspect’s car was in the store’s parking lot and stayed there as part of the investigation, the chief said.

Mr Lane said it was a sad day for his department as he then briefed reporters.

“I’ve been involved in this for 34 years and haven’t seen anything like that,” he told reporters.

He added that investigators are working to sort out how the shootings unfolded, “it will take some time to know what happened.”

Lane said at a press conference late Thursday afternoon. “Remember, two hours away from the most horrific event in Collierville’s history.”

According to the US Census, Collierville has grown by more than 51,000 people and has a median household income of about $ 114,000. Surrounded by historic rural areas, the town square has become widely known for its boutiques and bed and breakfast.

Earlier this year, Tennessee became the latest state to allow most adults over the age of 21 to carry a pistol without first completing state-level background checks and training. The bill was enacted by Republican Governor Bill Lee over objections from some law enforcement groups, and gun control supporters fear that the bill could lead to increased gun violence. was doing.

Kroger, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, issued a statement that it was “deeply saddened” by the shooting.

“The entire Kroger family provides our thoughts, prayers, and support to the victims’ individuals and families during this difficult time,” the statement said. “We work with local law enforcement agencies that secure stores and parking lots.”

The store remained closed for the duration of the police investigation, adding that the company arranged counseling services for affected workers, the statement said.

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Police: One person was killed and 12 were injured in a store shooting.Shooter Dead | News

Source link Police: One person was killed and 12 were injured in a store shooting.Shooter Dead | News

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