Police: A man robbed a dead neighbor’s house to help with addiction

SWOYERSVILLE — A man who robbed a deceased neighbor’s house told police that he had fallen into a drug addiction and stole jewelry to support his habits.

However, Brad Rophausky also told police that he was unable to pawn the jewels after being arrested for possession of drug-related equipment following a traffic stop at Wilkes-Barre after a robbery in Swoyersville.

Lopuhousky, 44, was charged on Tuesday by a local judge, David Barilla, for robbery, criminal intrusion, illegal dosing theft, criminal mischief, night wandering and wandering. Lopuhousky was released on $ 1,000 unsecured bail.

The criminal accusation against Lopuhousky states:

The deceased parents’ executor cleaned the house on Hughes Street and secured property for her family. When she returned on November 13, she noticed damage to the walls and railings. Further investigation revealed that the air conditioner was placed upside down in the opening, part of which was under the stairs.

The woman started taking inventory of the property and noticed that the jewels she had in her closet were gone. She contacted the police who responded. Police determined that they had climbed a short, air-conditioned roof to enter the room.

On November 19, Swayersville police officer investigating the case was contacted by Kingston police, and Wilkes-Barre reported on November 13 that Rophausky had seized a large amount of jewels from a vehicle that was a passenger. rice field.

The woman went to the Wilkes-Barre police station and identified about 25 gems belonging to the property of her deceased parents. She picked up the jewel and had it evaluated by a local jeweler. Jewelers estimate its value at $ 530.

On November 24, he was admitted to an investigator who robbed his house during an interview at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility, where Rophausky was housed.

Police: A man robbed a dead neighbor’s house to help with addiction

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