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QUAKERTOWN — Robbie Pliszka knew he was quite responsible for it. His only question was whether he was enough to send the ball from the range of the second Quakertown Memorial Stadium on Monday night.

“It’s either off the wall or out of here,” he said.

The sound of the ball hitting the scoreboard behind the field fence on the left indicated it was slow. Prisska’s three-run walk-off blast in the bottom of the eighth inning gave No2 Seed Penn Ridge the first Baxmon American Legion tournament title. 11 years as they postponed the 3rd Quaker Town for an 8-5 victory.

“A big situation, a draw, I was just trying to put the bat on the ball honestly,” said Prisca, a graduate of Penridge High School who signed with Juniorta University. “Good things happened all day for us and nothing changed after that swing. I hit the ball really well, squared it, did what I needed to do and ended the game.”

Prisca, who hit the first three-run homer in the second round, finished 3-5 with six RBIs and two runs, and the Post 255 beat the Blue Jays in the previous and next contests, winning the first league playoff crown ever since. did. In 2011, he completed the tournament 3-0.

“It’s a good time to get it, given that these were the first two home runs of the season as a team,” said Bob Benamati, coach of Penridge.

Garrett Navitsky scored 2 runs with 3-4 RBIs, while Reese Wolfgang won 2-4 with Penridge, but a year ago he had too many runs in the regular season and Baxmon’s playoffs. I couldn’t participate in.

“I’m just happy,” said Patrick Mill, who rescued starter Aidan Fretz and won the 12/3 inning. Mac team. “So we brought a new life and fought what we thought we were missing before.”

With Quakertown hosting the Region 2 tournament, both teams will advance to the field of eight teams. The match at the Memorial Stadium will start on Friday. Penridge heads to Burks and defending state champion Nochester at 4 pm, and Quakertown makes a second bid for the Lehi High Valley at 7 pm.

“This is a championship game, so we expect a lot of high-intensity play,” Benamati said. “And you expect good quality and quality baseball. I don’t want to say that ending this way is what you would expect from playing 2nd to 3rd place in the Championship Game. . “

Quakerstown, who had to win twice on Monday to become a league champion, scored two goals in two tops before Prisca gave Penridge a 3-2 lead and blew left at the bottom of the frame. Did.

The Blue Jays drew five times with Brandon Pierce’s RBI, but Penridge returned to 5-3 in half the innings with a series of RBIs by Navitsky and Ryan Hass.

The sixth time, Quakertown loaded the base without an out, but escaped from the deficit after Mike Ritchino RBI fielder chose. Vinnie Peregrini’s RBI sacrifice fly flies 5-5 to the center of the top of the 7th knot.

After Peregrini defeated Penridge in the bottom of the seventh inning, Cooper Natissin started the eighth inning, centered on the triple. When the next batter landed on the shortstop, Nazisin was unable to return home. Paulino pulled the walk and stole the second, but Mill, who took over FLET’S with the seventh one out, got out of the jam with the second pop out and strikeout.

“I was scared at first. I’m the second and third guy (seventh guy), but I’ve been in that situation many times and always find a way out of it,” Mill said. Told. .. “A few plays and a few great plays that went to the end. We stuck to it, we didn’t get down to ourselves.

“And finally, when Plizka went up on the plate, I knew it was over at that point.”

Navitsky led the 8th place with a single on the right side, but was kicked out to 2nd place by Hass’s fielder’s choice. However, Reese Wolfgang added two singles for Prisca, who delivered the title to Penridge with a three-run home run on the left.

“I was looking for a fastball. He brought in a 0-0 curve ball and I sat down on it, waited completely and took it out,” Prisca said.

Left-handed Mill won by giving up one hit and one walk, hitting one in his 1 2/3 innings. Fretz threw his first 7 1/3 innings, allowing 5 runs (all wins) with 10 hits. He walked three and hit four.

“To be honest, I didn’t feel very good at first,” Fretz said. “I feel like my fastball wasn’t throwing hard as usual. But I got it, and they were honestly tying the ball from me. But I think that was enough. “

Starter Peregrini lost to Quakertown and abandoned eight runs with 12 hits in the 7 1/3 innings. He walked two steps and hit seven.

The Blue Jays, playing in their fourth straight elimination game after falling to Doylestown at the tournament opener last Thursday, scored two runs in two tops in two consecutive two-out RBI singles. I led 2-0. Danny Quarteria and Ritchino.

At the bottom of the second, two runners joined Pennridge with one out, with a Navitsky single and a Hass walk. After a strikeout, Prisca appeared and hit the left fielder with the advantage of a 3-2 post 255.

“Sure, I knew one was gone,” Pliszka said. “I haven’t hit such a good ball since I was 13 years old. That was a great feeling.”

Quakertown drew 3-3 as Thai Everit led from 4th in a triple in the center right and Pierce returned home following two RBIs.

Penridge, however, responded with two runs at the bottom of the inning. With 2 on 2 outs, Navitsky knocked on the RBI single in the center and the Hass RBI single was 5-3 at the next RBI.

At the top of the sixth Quakertown, he loaded the bass without outs after a bass hit by Peregrini and Thomas Kozulski and a bunt single from Nazisin. FLET’S defeated the next batter, but Ritchino’s grounder came in second, and Penridge was unable to double play, with Peregrini’s courtesy runner Joshua Camacho pulling the Blue Jays within 5-4.

Beil doubled and stole the third, with one on the top of the seventh. After Peyton Kochel took a walk, Mill took over Fretz on the mound.

Kochel was in 2nd and 2nd and 3rd place, and Peregrini brought in a bail to raise the RBI to the 5-5 level with an RBI sacrifice fly toward the center. In time to raise the line, Vail evaded the catcher and evaded the tag. And the score.

The Blue Jays were still in 3rd place for a go-a-head run, but Mill kept things up when he flew out to the left at the next at bat.

Pliszka’s 8th Goodbye Home Run Gives Penridge Baxmon the Quaker Town Title – thereporteronline

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