Planning your Post-Pandemic Eastern Europe Trip

Eastern Europe has become a home of individual and group travelers. You can’t miss the adventurous places in Eastern Europe after a lengthy lockdown due to COVID-19. Consider the list below for a fantastic experience planning your Eastern Europe trip.

Top 4 Activities to Consider in your Post-Pandemic Eastern Europe Trip.

From medieval walls in Croatia to Prague’s fairy-tale city, there is more you can do and see while traveling to these beautiful Eastern Europe countries. After the recent traumatizing pandemic, let’s briefly view what awaits you in your Eastern Europe trip.

1.   Paraglide in Ohrid Lake or Skopje in Macedonia

Macedonia is a great place to go on adventures. For example, the view of Ohrid Lake and Prilep’s rocky region will surely make you breathless. Several professional paragliding clubs can be found in Macedonia, where you can rent paragliding gear and work with experienced guides.

Besides, paragliding is a fun and competitive adventure sport in which those who paraglide are flown. It is both fun and competitive. It is trendy all over the country. These places have beautiful scenery.

2.   The Fantastic View of Medieval City Walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s attractiveness imitates its history as a self-governing city, which competed with Venice. Fortress city was the place for a fleet of ships that transported goods from the Middle East to Europe and vice versa.

From 1358 to 1808, the city-state was free to do as it pleased. Many of Dubrovnik’s historical sites were damaged throughout the Balkan wars in the early 1990s. The wars have been over 15 years, and the city has been mostly rebuilt under the supervision of UNESCO.

A great way to spend an afternoon is to walk along the beautiful old-fashioned walls and look at the stunning red roofs shining alongside the Mediterranean Sea.

3.   Enjoy a Hungarian Tasty Goulash Stew in the City of Budapest

Hungarians love goulash since it is a stew made of meat, vegetables, and spices. It’s based on an ancient Eastern European recipe. Hungarian Sweet Paprika is made from sweet peppers grown in Hungary’s hills. Because it is used in this dish, it distinguishes it from others.

Besides, Hungarian people from Budapest have a unique culture you can experience. From unique, delicious dishes, peasant dress codes, and entertainment activities like gambling, you never get bored. Specifically, what makes gambling in Hungary more special and enjoyable are online casino sites. To find out which ones are actually good, check out Online Kaszinó.

4.   Boat Rowing across Lake Bled in Slovenia

The lake itself is surrounded by mountains and forest on all sides. The water is famous for being straightforward and blue. The castle in the middle of the lake, containing a beautiful church building, adds a fairy-tale feeling. Consider rowing a boat to the island for lunch and a nap. Whether you want to go Bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, or swimming, there’s something for you in Bled.

5.   Visiting fort in Kotor in Montenegro

Kotor in Montenegro is among the attractive places in Eastern Europe. Make sure to look for signs in the old town that lead you to the start of the “Fortress trail.” Keep a close eye for other hikers as you go because the route has about 1,000 stairs.

People who hike up to the top will be glad they did. If you go to Kotor Bay, you will see the magnificent fjords and church steeples. You can also sit on top of ancient ruins and enjoy the view.


Traveling across Eastern Europe can be a great experience after the physical, emotional, economic tension brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. You know what to include in your future Eastern Europe trip with the above list. Analyze your adventurous list according to your hobbies and budget.

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