Pittsburgh Weather: Wednesdays are dry and midnight storms occur

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-According to the latest model data, there will be a fairly thick fog this morning, which is expected to occur until at least 10 am.

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Thick Morning Fog-June 8, 2022

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The fog gives way to the clear afternoon sky and the high temperatures will probably reach their highest since the mid-1970s.

Yesterday’s maximum temperature was only 74 degrees Celsius, and it’s always interesting to see the setup when the temperature rises the day after a cool front. That is our current situation today, and today’s highs can reach from the mid-1970s to perhaps the late 70s. The highest temperature in Pittsburgh is 76 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the morning is in the mid-50s. The temperature at noon will be close to 70 degrees Celsius. The afternoon is sunny and comfortable.

Hourly temperature for the next 12 hours.

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If you remember yesterday, I split the chances of rain and storms into two days tonight.

Yesterday, the rain arrived around 10 pm and seemed to continue until around 2 am.

The rain window looks a bit late, so I’m moving almost all of the rain chances on Thursday morning.

The storm is likely to arrive at several locations before 1 am and lasts until 4 or 5 am.

By the time the commute starts on Thursday morning, it should rain from here.

Due to the potentially strong wind speeds, there is a slight (isolated) serious risk tonight’s location south of I-70.

This rain is one of the things that seems to rain a few more times until Sunday.

Highs continue throughout the weekend in the 70’s.

It is expected to reach 80 degrees next Tuesday.

7-day forecast-June 8, 2022

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Pittsburgh Weather: Wednesdays are dry and midnight storms occur

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