Pittsburgh Weather: Tornado Clocks Issued in Parts of the Region

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-Tornado watches have been published in several counties in the Pittsburgh region.

Tuesday is the day of the first alert weather, as it could be a strong storm, including a devastating straight wind in the evening.

today: First Alert Weather Day has been published due to the possibility of a strong storm tonight. It also rains from noon to 5 pm.

Alert: Tornado watches were published until 9 pm in parts of the Pittsburgh area. This includes the Butler, Washington, Lawrence, Fayette, and Green counties. It also covers parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

There is a risk of evening storms, and several rows of storms can occur after 7 pm. Straight winds are the main concern, but large hail and tornadoes can also occur.

Noticed: Friday-Saturday rain begins the weekend in humid weather.

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At this point, it seems that two storms can be expected to hit the area. The first line moves after 7 pm and model data show the regions affected along I-70 and most likely to extend to the Laurel Highlands.


KDKA Weather Center

The second line of the storm slips after 9 pm and is most likely to have bad weather during that time, between I-70 and I-80.

Watch out for the weather tonight as these dangerous storms move around our area.

Before the storm, the weather is comfortable and dry, with temperatures dropping from about 50 degrees to nearly 70 degrees at noon.

KDKA meteorologist Ron Smiley has been raining extensively in the afternoon. The rain is fairly heavy and can be stable for more than an hour, most likely to see it raining north along the I-80. In places like Morgantown, this is the first rain, so it may not rain.


KDKA Weather Center

This rain round should end before 5 pm for everyone.

In the future, the heavy storms and showers behind the cold front should end before the start of the Wednesday morning rush.


KDKA Weather Center

The highest temperature on Wednesday is in the early 60s, and most of the day is expected to be comfortable.

Highs on Thursday and Friday will also be close to 70, with all-day rain on Friday and expected to continue until Saturday.


KDKA Weather Center

Saturday highs fall in the late 1960s, with morning lows below 40 degrees in some places.

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Pittsburgh Weather: Tornado Clocks Issued in Parts of the Region

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