Pittsburgh Weather: Heat Recommendations Issued to the Region

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-The bad weather is over, but the temperature is rising.

In parts of western Pennsylvania, heat recommendations come into effect Wednesday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. The National Weather Service said the heat index value could reach 104. Ohio and parts of West Virginia are also under recommendations.

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today: It stays hot.Possibility of rain and storms in the morning, mainly before 9am

Alert: The first alert ended at 6a.

know: High and hot in the mid-1980s. A solid chance for Wednesday’s first 90 degree day of the year.

Today is a stormy day, with strong storms this morning and dry and hot this afternoon. Today’s highs should return to the mid-1980s. The highest temperature on Monday reached 86 degrees Celsius.

Model data is ubiquitous this morning and there are plenty of data points to indicate possible rain throughout the afternoon. I don’t think this will happen, but many data points explain why today’s highs have been pushed down to nearly 80 degrees Celsius. It dries in the cloudy sky in the afternoon.

The strong sun should be enough to push our highs close to yesterday. Today we are maintaining a high of 86 in Pittsburgh. I think the really highs will be hotter than that, but we will see.

Pittsburgh-High temperature-6-14-2022.png

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As for the possibility of rain, after this morning’s rain, there is only the possibility of short rains scattered on Wednesday and Thursday. The possibility of rain on Wednesday occurs early in the morning and is most likely to be seen along the Ohio-West Virginia-Pennsylvania border. Thursday’s rain occurs in the afternoon, and Laurel’s location is most likely to see it.

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For the rest of the week, the heat will reach a high of 90 on Wednesday and a high of close to 90 on Thursday. The ridge collapses towards the weekend, with Friday’s highs near 80. Saturday and Sunday highs may not reach the mid-1970s. The highest temperature in Pittsburgh on Saturday is estimated to be 71, and the highest temperature on Sunday is expected to be 73.


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Pittsburgh Weather: Heat Recommendations Issued to the Region

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