Pittsburgh Weather: Cloudy skies and colder temperatures on Tuesdays

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-Cloudy skies and temperatures of the 70’s are here for today and tomorrow.

today: Cloudy sky in the afternoon. High price near 70.

caveat: There will be nothing for the next few days. A cold front passes on Thursday.

Noticed: The possibility of rain next week is Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday’s temperature was 62 degrees Celsius, the highest. Cloudy all day, surprisingly Pittsburgh Airport recorded 0.01 inch of rain. It was not surprising that it rained as expected. I was surprised that it was measurable rain. And most of the day, I don’t think I’ve seen enough to measure.

Today is drier than yesterday and the maximum temperature is around 70 degrees Celsius. We have lowered the forecast’s maximum temperature since yesterday, partly because of the remaining clouds during the morning hours, giving way to the partially cloudy afternoon sky. According to tonight’s weather forecast, the chances of rain are limited, but most people will be completely dry today. Morning temperatures are close to yesterday’s, and Pittsburgh is projected to bottom out at around 52 degrees Celsius. The low price yesterday morning was 50.


KDKA Weather Center

Wednesday will be the same as today, with partially cloudy skies. I have a 20% chance of raining. Wednesday’s highs should reach the late ’70s, or at least close if they don’t. As the cold front approaches our area on Thursday afternoon, the possibility of rain peaks. The weather is active from Friday to early Saturday morning, with rain and sometimes storms.

Anniversary weekends look great with temperatures close to 80 degrees Celsius on the anniversary. On a solemn day, the minimum temperature in the morning is close to 60 degrees Celsius, and it looks dry.


KDKA Weather Center

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Pittsburgh Weather: Cloudy skies and colder temperatures on Tuesdays

Source link Pittsburgh Weather: Cloudy skies and colder temperatures on Tuesdays

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