Pittsburgh Preparation: A Large “Dill” in Downtown Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-We love everything that is unique to Pittsburgh, and nothing fits the bill better than Pittsburgh!

The fun begins at noon on Friday and lasts until the weekend.

Let’s talk bigger and better! If Picklesberg was big last year, it will be big this year as well.

From overhead pickles of the monster Heinz to a contest to drink pickle juice, Picklesberg has created his own map dots.

“We have been named the number one special food festival since USA Today for the second year in a row,” said Jack Doherty of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

The event is a big “dill” at one of the city’s triplet bridges each year, but this year it will be held across the Rachel Carson Bridge, also known as the 9th Avenue Bridge. 10th Avenue Bypass along the river.

An additional elbow room was absolutely necessary to accommodate the two music stages.

“Everything from polka to country, indie rock and hip hop. Every weekend will be a local artist,” Doherty said.

There is also a “Little Gherkins” area that offers free activities for families and children.

All forms of pickles you can imagine will be available at the event.

“People really stir up their imagination, and they range from ice cream pickles to egg rolls with pickles in the middle, fudge pickles, and of course only limited edition pickle beer and pickle burgers.

The fun begins at 12:00 pm on Friday and continues until Sunday night.

Participation in the event is free, but obviously vendors charge for food and novelties.

The pickled cucumber drinking competition begins on Friday and Saturday heats, with the finals taking place on Sunday afternoon. The winner will be nominated by Mayor Picklesberg and will bring $ 500 home.

For the full schedule of festival events Please visit this website..

Pittsburgh Preparation: A Large “Dill” in Downtown Pittsburgh

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