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Pittsburgh Adriana Ramirez Jeopardy!

“One of the secrets of my party is that I can take out a world map and name all 197 countries,” said Adriana E. Ramirez, a Pittsburgh-based nonfiction writer, storyteller and performance poet. Says.compete Jeopardy! Wednesday, May 18th, 7:00 pm

She has loved shows since childhood and competing has long been her dream, but her journey is Jeopardy! The stage actually started unintentionally. In February 2021 she says Pittsburgh City Paper In a telephone interview, Ball began rolling with her husband on a tipsy pandemic night.

“We were always game people,” Ramirez says. “Similarly, there’s a game night. We’re playing board games … I love playing Trivial Pursuit.” After a few drinks, they decided to watch. Jeopardy!

“My husband always seems to say,” Oh, that’s what, like 75% of the answers every time, “and I’m always like,” Yeah … “. I’m very modest about it. ”

That night they Online test, This is the first step to auditioning for the show. They both received a callback based on their score and Ramirez made it to the show. In the callback round, the applicant is tested for another 50 questions with the supervisor, and the subsequent rounds are simulated games played in Zoom, she says.

“It seemed like a very long shot,” she says. “I think you’re smart and you know things, but when you get there, you realize you don’t know anything, so I’m really happy that you haven’t been active in the past. I think the pressure would have been too great if I had worked hard for the rest of my life, “she says.

Before filming the show, Ramirez says he studied subjects such as Succession to the British Throne and opera. She isn’t allowed to share information about her appearance questions and results, but what she’s studying is “totally useless,” she says.

“There is really nothing you can study to prepare,” she says. “It’s a life of accumulated knowledge,” Ramirez says, growing up as an immigrant, she accumulated information about the world around her as a way to learn American culture.

“My dad calls me and he looks like” Somehow, somehow, somehow, what’s that movie? “And even if she didn’t watch the movie in question, Ramirez She usually says she can name it. She says, “I have a wide range of knowledge about things that I’m not necessarily personally involved with. You don’t have to be a rock band person to name it like a rock band.”

In the actual shoot, Ramirez says he chose “fully comfortable” clothing, unlike many formal clothing. “She is credited to the good people of Torrid who dressed cutely for the chubby girl,” she says.She chose the most practical shoe possible, a knock-off van from the target, and as she says it turned out to be the right choice Jeopardy! The podium has a lift that adjusts all competitors to the same height.

She says she is still in contact with other athletes from her shoots “willingly traumatized” by the experience.

“It was really nice to be able to make friends, form a community, join Sony Lot and meet the giants. Jeopardy! There is a logo on the side of the building, “she says. “My heart was swollen just thinking about it.”

Pittsburgh literary artists compete in Jeopardy! | News | Pittsburgh

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