Pittsburgh International Airport will operate on the first microgrid to power the entire facility with natural gas and solar energy.Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire /-Even a pandemic couldn’t stop this innovation.

Pittsburgh Wednesday’s international airport became the world’s first airport to be fully powered by natural gas and solar energy as part of its newly operational microgrid.

The first microgrid of this kind increases resilience, maximizes public safety and makes PIT one of the most site-enhanced airports in the world.

Airports across the country have sought ways to increase power resilience and reliability after several noticeable power outages have resulted in thousands of flight cancellations and passenger confusion. Creating a smart power infrastructure is an important step that serves as a blueprint for others, as PIT plans to undertake the construction of the world’s smartest airport through a new terminal project.

“Our region has an innovation in its DNA, and the construction of this microgrid reflects the work done at the airport to maximize public safety and sustainability,” said Allegheny County Executive. I am. Rich Fitzgerald.. “We are very proud that the airport uses about 10,000 solar panels as a sustainable source of energy. Together with other combinations of energy generated at the airport, we position this facility as an industry leader. Congratulations to Christina, and the entire team has worked on this important project. ”

The electricity generated by PIT is the main source of electricity for the entire airport, including terminals, airfields, Hyatt hotels and duckboards. The airport remains connected to the traditional power grid, as needed, as an emergency or backup power option. The microgrid will generate electricity, in part, through on-site natural gas wells and 8 acres of 9,360 solar panels.

“”Pittsburgh The international airport is now one of the most site-enhanced public facilities in the world, while at the same time becoming more sustainable. This is a tribute to our team’s innovative culture and we hope this project will be a model for the industry as a whole. ” Pittsburgh International Airport CEO Christina Casotis..

In 2019, the Allegheny County Airport Authority’s board awarded Peoples Natural Gas a 20-year contract to build, maintain and operate a free microgrid at the airport. Microgrids save on airport and tenant power costs, in addition to increasing power elasticity and redundancy.

The crew started construction at July 2020 The project was completed on time, despite last year’s pandemic stagnating the aviation industry.

“Essential Utilities and Peoples Gas is proud to be an integral part of the airport’s microgrid project,” he said. Christopher Franklin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Essential Utilities. “We are showing how to integrate new alternative energies like solar energy with traditional power sources like natural gas. This energy solution provides airports with a more resilient power source and emissions. Reduce the amount. “

What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is an independent power source that can operate autonomously while maintaining a connection to a traditional grid. Powered by natural gas drilled onsite by CNX resources, in addition to gas from interstate pipeline systems and solar power. This project provides a more efficient, sustainable and resilient source of energy.

The microgrid consists of five natural gas fuel generators and approximately 10,000 solar panels and can generate over 20 megawatts of electricity. This is equivalent to powering more than 13,000 homes. The current peak demand at the airport is around 14 MW.

In addition to Peoples, other companies involved in the development of the microgrid included CNX Resources, IMG Energy Solutions, EIS Solar, PJ Dick, LLI Engineering, and Duquesne Light Company.

About Allegheny County Airport Authority:

Allegheny County Airport Authority to Manage Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and Allegheny County Airport (AGC) are committed to transformation Pittsburgh Airports serve communities, inspire the industry and promote the region’s role as a world leader. PIT was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company magazine and a finalist in the World Changes Ideas Awards in 2020. The Airport SafeTravels initiative is the airport industry. This initiative outlines best practices for maintaining the health of travelers in accordance with the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information, please visit:

About people:

Peoples, a company of Essential Utilities, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia And Kentucky.. Peoples is committed to customers, employees, the environment, and the communities in which they serve. For more information, please visit: people Follow Peoples on social media @peoplesnatgas.

For more information, please contact:

Bob Kerrick 412-472-3557

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Source Pittsburgh International airport

Pittsburgh International Airport will operate on the first microgrid to power the entire facility with natural gas and solar energy.Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source link Pittsburgh International Airport will operate on the first microgrid to power the entire facility with natural gas and solar energy.Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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