Pirates Keller defeats Marlins 5-1 and is sharp in 7 innings

Miami (AP) — Mitch Keller throws a one-run ball in seven innings, Jake Marisnick returns home, doubles, and Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Miami Marlins 5-1 on Monday night.

Keller (3-6) was the longest outing in his career, distributing 5 hits, hitting 5 hits and hitting batters.

“They brought me back for the seventh time. That was the only thing in my mind and I got over it no matter what,” Keller said. “That’s what starting pitchers want to do. You want to go as deep as you can.”

Diego Castillo was single twice and drove in two runs, while Kevin Newman hit the Pirates three times in a row. Newman has been 18 to 7 since returning from the injured list on Friday.

Pirates quickly attacked Castillo’s two-run single against the first Trevor Rogers (4-8). The second RBI of Newman doubled and Pittsburgh’s advantage increased.

“It was very important not to waste opportunities and to join the board early,” said Derek Shelton, Pittsburgh’s manager.

After the Marlins reduced the deficit of Avisail Garcia’s Lanscore single in the sixth, Marisnick fired a two-run shot from relief Jimmy Yacabonis in the ninth. Marisnick was activated from the injured list on Monday after surgery on his left thumb on May 12.

“This is the reset button. I don’t know what I was feeling before, so I reset it, come back, and move from there,” Marisnick said. “It takes a long time to have a good year. You have to put them together, do it for a long time and maintain that feeling, but it’s great to get results early.”

Pittsburgh’s Relief Chase De Jong won the first two of eight times around the lead-off walk. Jerry de los Santos reassured De John and hit four innings on 11/3 with his third save.

“We really didn’t do anything,” said Miami manager Don Mattingly. “The guys were prepared for what we were trying to do. Doing is always another story.”

Rogers allowed 3 runs, 6 hits, walked 3 and hit 7 in 5 1/3 innings. Left-handed players have finished 6 innings with 17 starts this season.

Famine or famine

Garcia had two additional RBI opportunities that did not yield similar results. With two runners, Garcia double-played to end the first double play. Two Marlins runners reached in the eighth inning with two, but Delos Santos defeated Garcia.

Move the list

Pirates have specified LHPCam Vieaux for allocation. After making five rescue appearances in Pittsburgh, Biot was elected to Triple A Indianapolis on July 7.

Trainers room

Pirates: OF Bryan Reynolds (tension diagonally to the right) was put on the disabled list for 10 days. With 15 home runs leading the club, Reynolds was sent off six times after Sunday’s match at Milwaukee. Reynolds is expected to be tracked by competing teams as the trading deadline approaches.

Marlins: OF Jorge Soler (bilateral pelvic inflammation) will practice batting on Monday and participate in a rehab game with Double A Pensacola on Tuesday.


RHP Chris Stratton (5-4, 5.14) will start the second game of the Pirates series on Tuesday, with the Marlins playing against LHP Daniel Castano (1-2, 3.60).

Pirates Keller defeats Marlins 5-1 and is sharp in 7 innings

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