PIAA Tracks and Fields: Kryeski’s 9th place leads the LTC finish in Class 3A competitions.Sports

Shippensburg — Close battles continued, but on a dim, cold, rainy day, players at the Rakkawana Track Conference failed to win medals at the PIAA Class 3A Athletics Championships.

Senior Chris Krieski of North Pocono almost grabbed the spot on the discus medal stand with a 162-foot-five-inch mark and finished ninth at Shippensburg University. The top 8 players in each event will win medals.

“It’s going to be a little heartbreaking,” said senior Krieski. “We faced adversity in the district, but we were able to overcome it. I know I might have done better. In practice to the state, it’s pretty good. I was running a good distance and I tried to reproduce it, but it didn’t work today. “

Abbey Henst in the Hazleton area made the day stand out for District 2 players by winning a gold medal with a javelin at a distance of 135 to 6. Tankanock’s Matthew Prebora won the silver medal in the men’s javelin at the 195-5 mark, and Berwick’s Lenny Murphy won the bronze medal in the 131-11 javelin. Isabella Popson in the Hanover area won the 5th place in the high jump and the 8th place medal.

Cliesky, who won the District 2 Class 3A gold medal in his second year and lost last season due to a coronavirus pandemic, made a series of pitches, including two pitches over 160 feet.

He entered the tournament with a mark of 169-4 and won a silver medal at Cole Gorham in Wyoming Valley West. Cole Gorham also participated in state competitions, finishing 12th with a mark of 157-7.

Hempfield’s Dan Norris won the discus 195-10.

“I’m happy with my career,” said Krieski, who is set to play Lycoming in the fall. “I can look back on it nostalgic.”

North Pocono’s 3,200-meter relay team, consisting of Owen Foitak, Aiden Horn, Caleb Kenion and Colin Kravitz, set a school record in 8 minutes and 4.93 seconds and finished 10th overall. Lewisberg won the gold medal at 7: 53.93.

The Trojan won the qualifying round and set a time of victory in the district at 8: 13.39.

“Our goal was to set a record at school and we were almost able to win medals,” said Foitak, who continues his career at King’s College. “I’m happy to be a big success in the upper grades. We had a special group and we talked about it throughout the season.”

In addition to being part of the school record team, Kenion was 12th with 3,200 at 9: 27.34 and 25th with 1,600 at 4: 38.76. Kravitz finished in 12th place with 200 times at 22.32 times and 19th place with 400 times at 51.37 times.

Talia Booker, senior at Deladelphia Valley, was a commitment of Padu, a record holder for District 2 who entered 400 as the second seed, and led 390 meters. However, her body was locked and fell in front of the finish line. Neshaminy’s Sanaa Hebron won the gold medal at 56.36.

“It’s tough,” said Nick Qualia, coach of the Delaware Valley. “She takes the lead in home stretching and feels a lot of emotional turmoil. But anything happens in athletics. She fought. We feel sorry for her and let her uplift. She knows that something bigger is waiting for her.

“This is painful, but she gets over it and moves forward, thinking about everything in front of her at Padu.”

PIAA Tracks and Fields: Kryeski’s 9th place leads the LTC finish in Class 3A competitions.Sports

Source link PIAA Tracks and Fields: Kryeski’s 9th place leads the LTC finish in Class 3A competitions.Sports

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