Phlexglobal eTMF customers realize double-digit time savings and 95% accuracy with industry-leading AI-powered TMF automation.Status

Malvern, Pennsylvania And Amersham, England, June 2, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / –Phlexglobal, a leading provider of innovative technologies and services for the life sciences industry, today benchmarks the industry’s most advanced electronic trial master file (eTMF) solution with advanced artificial intelligence technology. We announced the results. The breakthrough AI-assisted indexing capabilities within PhlexTMF eTMF software, pre-trained with millions of documents before being deployed to Phlexglobal customers in 2020, now have over one million real-world trial master file documents. Is being processed.

The results so far show significant benefits for resource-constrained organizations. This means that document processing time to PhlexTMF is reduced by an average of 16% and classification accuracy is 95%. For companies that create 100,000 documents, this can significantly reduce the workload of their staff.

“Phlex TMF automatically classifies TMF documents and shows human reviewers the confidence in that classification by artifact, sub-artifact, and file type,” he said. Karen Roy, Chief Strategy Officer of Plexglobal. “This can save thousands of hours of work and enable regulatory-approved risk-based QC methods, and we are concerned that automation will affect our work. For people, our customers are actually shifting their research teams from low-value manual work to high-value areas, improving overall TMF quality. “

Regulators have significantly enhanced monitoring of test master files during inspection, considering TMF as a key performance indicator (KPI) for GCP compliance under investigation. As a result, inspectors are no longer just looking for integrity, they also expect high accuracy. They want to keep their documents consistently in the right places, minimize duplication, and meet good quality standards.

Powered by Phlexglobal’s unique advanced machine learning framework, PhlexNeuron, PhlexTMF automatically extracts specific data from structured and unstructured data sources such as documents and emails. With millions of documents already processed, the accuracy and efficiency of the PhlexTMF algorithm continues to accelerate, with continuous adjustments to the algorithm by Phlexglobal’s pool of more than 150 TMF experts worldwide. It is improving.

“Document processing is a fully customized use case for artificial intelligence, so we chose it as the first of many AI features in the eTMF software roadmap,” he said. Jim Nichols, Chief Product Officer of Plexglobal. “Implemented as part of the TMF management workflow, such as automatically prioritizing large-scale sampling of high-risk or essential artifacts for quality control, can significantly improve initial efficiency and quality of these. Even means that it can be exceeded quickly. “

As an example, PhlexTMF Logic’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and language detection can be combined with PhlexNeuron AI to identify important document quality issues such as page rotation or poor scan quality. .. Instead of the reviewer spending time on these types of simple tasks, the system tells the user if the text is easy to read and can extract quality content.

“Phlex TMF’s new AI-powered capabilities further demonstrate Plex global’s innovation and leadership to fulfill the promise of digital transformation in life sciences accelerated by the COVID-19 public health crisis.” .. John McNeil, CEO of Plexglobal. “At the same time, we are committed to the highest data security, integrity and privacy standards regarding the use of clinical data in AI applications. In fact, everything regarding the use of clinical data in all software and services. We need complete transparency and ethical dealings between our parties, which truly benefits our industry from continuous innovation.

Phlexglobal eTMF customers realize double-digit time savings and 95% accuracy with industry-leading AI-powered TMF automation.Status

Source link Phlexglobal eTMF customers realize double-digit time savings and 95% accuracy with industry-leading AI-powered TMF automation.Status

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