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The Lindback Foundation will confer leadership and service to the school community to principals and 60 teachers in seven school districts in Philadelphia at a virtual ceremony on Tuesday night.

The Lindback Award for Distinguished Principal provides recipients with a $ 20,000 scholarship used by the school community.

“Our principal always cares about the leaders of our school community,” said William R. Height. “But for the last two years, the principal has spent an extraordinary amount of time supporting staff, students and families.”

Erica M. Green of Russell H. Conwell Middle School and Tammy Pierce Thomas of Eleanor C. Emlen School are two winners of the Lindback Awards for Renowned Principals.

Omar Crowder (Northeast High School), Meredith Foote (Overbrook Educational Center), Michael P. Lowe (Cook-Wissahickon School), Susan Rozanski (Richmond School), and Susan Thompson (George Washington High School) are the other five major players. The recipient.

Green was a teacher and vice-principal for over 20 years before taking over as principal of Conwell Middle School.

“Well, I was absolutely excited because many of my colleagues are doing a lot of hard work,” Green said. “For me, on behalf of the Conwell Middle Magnet School, it’s an absolute honor. I always tell people not to do this job alone. I’m hoping to roll up my sleeves, so this work Does not do in silos. My team does the same. “

The Green School is located in Kensington, the epicenter of the opioid crisis in Philadelphia. She said her biggest challenge was to help her students overcome environmental challenges.

“My youth are very empathetic,” Green said. “We all sympathize with them because they are very caring individuals and it can be any of us who can suffer from addiction. We are a family. So, here at Conwell, our responsibility is to educate ourselves to be better when we go on to high school, college, etc. I believe it is to create. “

“Do what is right and fair for your children,” Green said he was alive, citing a quote from mentor former Philadelphia school district director Constance Clayton.

“We have to protect and protect our children,” Green said. “We must enlighten them. We must give them the opportunity and experience to make them outstandingly excellent and satisfying themselves. That is me. It ’s very important to me. ”

Mr Green said he would like to use this money to invest in science, technology, art and mathematics (STEAM). Before the pandemic, her school had a new science class. She said she would like to invest in more technologies with prizes, such as 3D printers, graphic design labs and video recording equipment.

“When parents leave them here in Conwell, the neighborhood may be one-way, but when they step into the building, I want to make sure they have the best scholars possible. I think. And I want to make sure they also have fulfilling and abundant opportunities. Our children have so many possibilities. People count our children. And there’s nothing they can do. And when you sit down with the kids for a moment, they talk to you and tell you what they can do to make me better. So I listen to what they are talking about and what they are doing. “

Pierce-Thomas has been working in the area since 1994 and was offered the best job at Ellenor C. Emlen School in 2013. Since taking office as her principal, she has built her own partnership between the school and the Mount Airy district.

“When I first came to Emren about nine years ago, I was introduced to a group of community partners, the Mt. Airy Schools Coalition,” said Pierce-Thomas. “They are supporting six schools in the Mount Airy area, and we happened to be one of them.”

She said the coalition raised money for a new computer lab for the school.

“They fell in love with us, and then we fell in love with them,” said Pierce Thomas. “And not only did they raise money to provide us with a brand new computer lab, but now we can have two computer labs. What they did was that they diverged and I I found another partnership for us. “

She said students would be deprived of many opportunities that the school district could not support without community partnerships. For example, Germantown Friends School partnered with Emren to start a book drive because Emren didn’t have a library.

“We didn’t have a library at school,” Pierce-Thomas said. “We want our kids to read, and we want them to read at the grade level. So we drove the books and helped the students build the bookshelves. There is a library, every Tuesday and Thursday. Community volunteers have come to the library to allow students to check in and check out books. “

Other partnerships have allowed Emren students to participate in athletic opportunities such as Girls on the Run, Germantown Soccer and Tennis Lessons.

“As long as I’m grateful to the school district, they can’t always give us what we need or want,” Pierce-Thomas said. “And you have to have those partnerships that take care of you, and actually put a lot of resources into the school to help students become part of what they can’t do otherwise. I am blessed with the many people I have been able to bring. “

The Philadelphia Children’s Foundation will provide Emlen with iPads and computers to families in need, helping them access the internet if they don’t have it.

She said she is proud to build relationships with students, family and colleagues. Pierce-Thomas said she believes her approach helped establish a better relationship between school teachers and students.

“I always tell the staff when I decide to always think about what you want from your child, and if they don’t have a child, say your niece, your nephew,” she said. ..

Pierce-Thomas said the award is significant as a principal, as he sometimes feels lonely.

“The award of this award means that the principal’s efforts and efforts to make a difference in the lives of children and the communities in which they serve are personally recognized,” she said. rice field.

Philadelphia School District Principal Discusses Lindback Award Winning | Local News

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