Philadelphia School District Hosts Virtual Social Justice Summit on MLK Day | Local News

The Philadelphia Equity Union School District celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day of Service on Monday with a virtual society entitled “For Philadelphia, by Philadelphia: Teaching, Education, and Organizing for Equity.” Hosts the Justice Summit.

Sabriya Jubilee, Head of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Offices in the Philadelphia School District, said:

“We were very intentional to connect the Social Justice Summit during the civil rights movement with Dr. King’s fight for social justice,” she added. “We use elements of his work and his quotes to help uplift and build the community in this time frame.”

The summit will be held from 9 am to noon and will be open to the public. There is a series of panels covering everything from culturally relevant education and fairness protocols and frameworks to community partnerships, social emotional learning and wellness, and the history of re-learning.

Each panel consists of a few panelists who talk about their research and how their research is relevant to a particular topic.

“We have a diverse group of panelists and employees in the Philadelphia school district do not work in the office. We also have community advocacy groups, individual researchers and scholars,” said Jubilee. ..

“At the end of the day, we will hold an affinity group that asks participants to join a specific group based on their shared ID,” she added.

“Most of the time, it’s related to race, ethnicity, gender, or any other way people may identify, and it’s a way to discuss what they have in the fashion of the community. What she experienced today, what they heard, how it resonates with them, and what that means for future connections and community groups and advocacy activities, “she added.

In the summer of 2020, the Philadelphia School District became an anti-racist organization with the aim of ending discriminatory policies and practices. The district has created a fair coalition of staff, teachers, parents and members of the community.

The Union’s mission is to redesign a more equitable school district by uprooting policies, dismantling processes, and eradicating practices that create systems of privilege and power in the school district’s community and workplace. It’s about providing leadership and structure.

“One of the equity coalition initiatives was to create opportunities and spaces that could really enhance the people in our community,” said Jubilee.

“This includes school districts, organizations, community groups and individuals working to avoid fairness, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and social justice for the Philadelphia community, especially the Philadelphia school district. Included, “she added.

Jubilee said he wants participants to leave the summit knowing what they can do to promote the opportunity for equity.

“There are people in our city who really want to dig deeper and do fair work, and more deliberately what it means to be anti-racist as a city. I think it’s important for people to know and understand what they’re thinking, and especially as a school district, “Jubilee said.

“People take this opportunity to identify where their mission fits, what they can do, and where their controls are, to promote this opportunity fairly and to enhance their anti-racist mission. I hope to continue, “she said. ..

“This should be the space where this kind of exchange takes place, even if an individual needs support or wants to know how to connect with others and get resources.”

Philadelphia School District Hosts Virtual Social Justice Summit on MLK Day | Local News

Source link Philadelphia School District Hosts Virtual Social Justice Summit on MLK Day | Local News

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