Philadelphia police get stun gun after Wallace shoots – the reporter online

Philadelphia (AP) — Philadelphia spends $ 14 million to equip all police officers with stun guns, train them in their use, and require them to wear them on duty.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Tuesday announcing the anniversary of Walter Wallace Jr.’s deadly police shooting. It was filmed by bystanders and triggered days of protest against police atrocities. Wallace, 27, a black man, had an episode of mental health.

Police officials said he had a knife when shot 14 times by two white police officers without stun guns. The announcement on Tuesday was coordinated with Wallace’s family, including his mother who witnessed his shooting.

“The killing of Wallace Jr. was painful and traumatic for many Philadelphians,” Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement. “This tragic and disturbing incident, along with last year’s protests, highlighted the urgency of many important reforms, such as mental health training and crisis response resources.”

After the shooting, police and city officials said nearly two-thirds of the more than 6,000 Philadelphia police were unequipped or trained with electric shock weapons and used less deadly force.

After George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis just months before Wallace’s death, protests broke out across the country calling for changes to deal with police atrocities. Proponents urged the department to require trainers to exhaust other forms of force before firing the gun.

After Wallace’s shooting, the victim’s family sued police officers for using unjustified force, as recommended after a 2015 report by the U.S. Department of Justice, and the city sued police officers for not equipping them with stun guns. I did. The proceedings are still pending.

Wallace’s family had sought help several times on the day of his shooting, and the last 911 phone warned Wallace that he was mentally unstable.

As part of reforming how police and first responders respond to the mental health crisis after Wallace’s shooting, the city has launched a pilot program to pair healthcare workers and police officers to answer 911 calls. .. The city wants to expand its program.

Philadelphia police get stun gun after Wallace shoots – the reporter online

Source link Philadelphia police get stun gun after Wallace shoots – the reporter online

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