Philadelphia mass shootings on South Street: 3 dead, 11 injured

Shooting from several archers killed three people and injured 11 in the popular Philadelphia red-light district late Saturday night, officials said.

Police officers were patrolling the South Street area of ​​central Philadelphia around 11:30 pm on Saturday. Rushing to the scene, they found some people with gunshot wounds lying on the sidewalks and streets and began to provide assistance, police commissioner Daniel Outlaw said.

Another corresponding police officer, according to Outlaw, saw a man on the street corner firing a pistol at a large crowd about half a block away. Police officers pulled his weapon and fired several times, and police believe the man was beaten before he dropped his pistol on the sidewalk and fled, said Outlaw.

According to police statements, the dead were 34-year-old Gregory Jackson, 27-year-old Alexis Quinn, and an unidentified 22-year-old man. Investigators said one of the three killed was involved in a “physical alternation” with another man, the two began firing at each other, and both were shot.

According to Outlaw, the number of dead and injured between the ages of 17 and 69 is believed to have been an innocent bystander. She called it a “dark day” for the city, and many who enjoyed the beautiful nights were victims of “a horrifying and unthinkable act in a very popular local and tourist hangout.”

“It’s important for us to bring justice to the victims, their families, and our community,” she said.

Two pistols, including one with an expanded magazine, were recovered, but Chief Inspector Frank Banoa said investigators knew from field evidence that five pistols were involved. rice field. In addition, police are investigating several other shootings before and after to see if they may be related.

Damian Woods, a spokesman for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, said 10 patients had come to that particular hospital. 3 dead, 6 stable, 1 discharged.

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Police are planning to consolidate resources on Sunday night in the area and the Penn’s Landing area near the Delaware River, which separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to Outlaw.

South Street is known for its entertainment venues and nightlife with multiple bars, restaurants and businesses. In a local company surveillance video posted by WTXF-TV, dozens of people roamed sidewalks and streets and fled when a shootout broke out. Police were looking for video surveillance footage from companies in the area.

Mayor Jim Kenney called the shooting “beyond the catastrophic”.

“Once again, we see people who have lost their lives meaninglessly and have been injured in yet another horrific, brave and sneaky gun violence,” he said in a statement on Sunday morning. “My heart is in my family, my friends, the loved ones of the lost and injured, and everyone affected by this horrific tragedy.”

Kenny said the surge in gun violence in the city and across the country “not only makes me heartbreak, but also makes me angry.” But he said fighting this violence would be a “difficult battle” without measures to deal with “firearm availability and accessibility.”

Eric Walsh, who closed the outdoor seating area of ​​the bar along the block, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the scene was “chaos.” He said he saw a young woman fall to the ground at the corner.

“People were off the street with blood splattered on their white sneakers and their knees and knees peeled,” Walsh said. “We literally rolled up and wet menstrual pads and handed them to people.”

Philadelphia mass shootings on South Street: 3 dead, 11 injured

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