Philadelphia Economic Pew Dashboard Finds a Job

The purpose is to provide insights into the region, which helps to influence the policies of the region. Taking the example of Manayunk, where dashboards show that many companies are still lagging behind the bill and are financially unstable, city officials and economic development groups say “of a notable city. It may be part of it, “Ginsburg said.

Overall, Philadelphia’s employment is down about 8% compared to June 2019. However, companies such as Internet service providers, law firms, and biotechnology labs report that they have more workers.

Which industry you work in can also make a big difference in your financial stability. The city’s largest employer, the healthcare sector, is far superior to, for example, the hospitality, arts and entertainment industries. According to one indicator, the hospitality industry, destroyed by a national pandemic, is also the least stable at this time. Companies in that sector are at particularly high risk of default in West Kensington, Logan / Ogonz, and King Singing zip codes.

Philadelphia Economic Pew Dashboard Finds a Job

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