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Exton, Pennsylvania, September 10, 2021 / PRNewswire /- Ricoh USA, Inc. Today, we are announcing the expansion of our 10-year partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles to digitize the team’s information management process. DocuWare, Document management solution. This allows the Eagles team to manage invoices, purchase orders, requests, and other key accounting processes to create more efficient workflows.

“We rely on Ricoh’s expertise in information management and digital services and rely on hands-on support. They recommend DocuWare as the best choice to help automate inefficient processes manually. I did. ” Greg McDonald, Philadelphia Eagles, Vice President of Financial Operations. “The strength of our partnership with Ricoh lies in our willingness to listen to Ricoh’s business needs and our ability to find creative ways to streamline our business operations.”

As an Eagles Workplace Technology Partner, Ricoh expands its role and helps teams continue to evolve digital transformation and information management to drive future success.

“DocuWare’s cloud-based solution gives Eagles employees the flexibility to access the content they need from a variety of devices, almost anywhere connected to the Internet, which allows team members to be remote. It’s very important to continue collaborating from the office or hybrid office, “said. Carsten Bruhn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ricoh North America. “We will continue to provide solutions that make work easier, faster and more productive in a way that strengthens our partnership with Eagles and truly impacts the capabilities of organizations doing business outside the field. I’m proud to be able to do it. For business on the day of the match. “

DocuWare also helps protect your data and ensure that your documents are protected to maintain compliance. This is especially important for Eagles, who need to protect their employees and financial records. With DocuWare, users use password authentication to manage workflow and document access, control document versioning, log activity and reports for transparency, and encrypt data for strictness. Confidentiality can be maintained.

Eagles is embracing other innovative Ricoh technologies as its business continues to digitize, including onsite expertise to help manage information and deliver to coaches, teams and the media. Interactive whiteboard To analyze the play Production print solution, And other workflow services and solutions to streamline the needs of your team.

Ricoh shares Eagles’ commitment to environmental sustainability. By partnering with Ricoh, the Eagles organization will reduce paper consumption at both Lincoln Financial Field and the Novacare Complex, saving more than 100 trees and nearly 1 million sheets of paper annually.

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Philadelphia Eagles Expand Partnership with Ricoh to Increase Productivity with Digital Workflow | State

Source link Philadelphia Eagles Expand Partnership with Ricoh to Increase Productivity with Digital Workflow | State

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