Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia Housing Department collaborates to provide dormitories

Steven Williams

Philadelphia – Philadelphia’s community colleges and city housing agencies are low-cost for school students who are homeless or need affordable housing, especially for students engaged in foster care. Cooperated to create a housing model.

President Donald Generals of Philadelphia Community College (CCP) (Photo courtesy of) Philadelphia Community College / Philadelphia Tribune).

“What I like most about this partnership is that it not only allows students to pair with support coaches to better navigate their college life, but also the social needs of others of their age. Ensuring emotional support and a safety network, “said General Donald, President of the University. “We are doing our best to reduce the burden faced by our students and make it easier for them to continue studying and realize their dreams.”

Last week, the CCP and the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) held a ribbon cut for a newly refurbished Row Home on 500 blocks on North 11th Street.

In each apartment, students share a living room, kitchen and bathroom, but each has their own bedroom. CCP students pay rent up to $ 125 per month based on 30% of their income. In most cases you will pay less. By comparison, the median rent in the surrounding area is over $ 2,000 per month. The house accommodates up to 9 students and is fully furnished by the university. Utilities are paid by PHA to manage and maintain the home.

Barry Johnson, a CCP spokesperson, said students will start moving in the coming weeks once they apply and are accepted.

Kelvin A. Jeremiah, President and CEO of PHA, said: “Financial setbacks and homelessness have forced many low-income students to drop out of college. This partnership provides them with a foothold and opportunity to move to self-sufficiency and permanent housing through education. If a college student succeeds, everyone in our community will benefit. “

According to Johnson, the partnership’s first low home opened last fall and is fully rented with seven students.

In addition to housing, CCP students who are considered eligible can participate in the Stability Plan. There, we will work with the university’s program coordinator to support the transition from shared housing to stable permanent residence. The CCP monitors and assesses the success of initiatives based on retention and graduation rates, as well as the success of the transition to permanent housing.

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Other services available to CCP students include special wraparound support services for college success. For example, there is support available to students with experience in foster care. Free support with health insurance, food resources, cash and other subsidies.

Students also have access to academic counseling and support through scholarships and career preparation support.

Steven Williams is the Philadelphia Tribune reporter who first appeared in this story.

Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia Housing Department collaborates to provide dormitories

Source link Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia Housing Department collaborates to provide dormitories

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