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Mets is alive and dead with the power of Pete Alonso.

They won 10 of Alonso’s 11 home games this season, with a majority of 8-6 wins against the Phillies on Friday night.

Alonso has scored his 12th home run this year on Bailey Falter’s third inning. This was a 2-run 400-foot shot to the left fielder, giving the Mets a great, breathable 5-run advantage over division rivals. Mets continued to add and had to insure everything, but it was the team polar bear who returned the party to Citi Field to start the home stand for Amazine’s six games.

“I feel like I’m doing a little better this year,” Alonso said. “For me, it only has more time and more understanding of who I am as a player. It helped to do, but the plan is the same. It’s just my zone. Don’t get over something on your plate and actually deviate and give in to the pitcher. It feels like you’ve done a really good job this year. I want to keep doing that as the years go by. “

The Mets (30-17) have been flirting with their 30th win of the season since Tuesday. On the contrary, it was a fierce match with the Giants for 3 hours and 50 minutes. If they win that night, the Mets will be the second team to beat that mark in MLB, after the Yankees, who won their 30th match on Tuesday. Mets was the first team to win 20 wins earlier this month.

The third Alonso home run was also his 400th career hit. This means that 29.5% of first baseman hits since the 2019 rookie season are dim. Alonso is currently leading MLB with 44 RBIs. Mets coach Buck Showalter said he was impressed with Alonso’s consistency, saying he didn’t have much dip during the Slugger season and was always one pitch away from his next home run.

“He doesn’t care about that last at bat and that last match,” said Shaw Alter. “The next time you can get completely different results. And when he hits, he’s trying to get another, and he gets another and another. I don’t want to call it greedy, but he doesn’t stop pushing. “

Meanwhile, Mets lived another day to deal with their growing bullpen problem.

Carlos Carrasco yanked him with one and two runners in the sixth inning, and when relief Chasen Shreve immediately surrendered a three-run home run to Phillies catcher Garrett Stubbs. It was a better pitch than his final line suggested because he didn’t provide it. Mets started the sixth inning with a 7-0 lead and finished the top of the frame with a one-run edge.

“Unfortunately, they didn’t hit the ball hard throughout the inning,” said Shaw Alter.

Shaw Alter said he took Carasco out of the game because a right-handed man clogged his thumb and the skipper believed it was affecting his command. Carasco later said he had his thumb checked out by the medical team, and he’s fine. The pitcher was also uncertain how exactly he interfered with it.

All five runs charged to Carasco were made six times, but none of the four singles he allowed were hit at speeds above 84 mph. In other words, four soft-hit base hits, including two that never left the infield, and a walk to Odubel Herrera resulted in five earned runs with six hits over 5.2 innings and 85 pitches. rice field. Carasco, whose ERA jumped to 3.98 at the 9th start of the year, turned sideways on the 6th strikeout after retiring 15 of the first 18 batters, including 7 strikeouts.

“I’ve been studying a lot, they,” said Carasco, who played Phillies for the first time this season on Friday. “Last year I faced them and they ran me twice. This year I play a lot of them the way they hit, the way they come in contact. But today was great. Today I made the right pitch. “

Meanwhile, Shreve struggled with five of his last six rescue appearances. The left-handed specialist was great for the Mets to start the season. Just a few weeks ago, he brought 0.74ERA to his eleventh relief. However, he has since allowed at least one earned run on each of his last half dozen outings. Mets has another left-handed bullpen arm on Joely Rodriguez, both him and Shreve have been fully used by Show Alter throughout the team’s first 47 games.

For at least the next few weeks, without Trevor May on the injured list due to the triceps stress response, the Mets bullpen was forced to regain slack to varying degrees of success. Entering the 2022 season, Amazine’s rescue team is the weakest area on the paper, and has remained in that state for more than a quarter of the year.

“He pitched well for us this year,” Showalter said of Shreve. “He was in a few difficult situations here and there. Not everything he did for us would be thrown away like everyone else.”

So far, Mets rescuers have recorded an overall 3.65 ERA, which ranks 15th in the middle of the league. I’ve seen some games cost money while the bullpen’s arm is impressive. League average efforts mean that GM Billy Eppler needs to scrutinize the market for the acquisition yesterday, but it can also afford to wait for the Mets to improve in a larger way at the closing date. It is also the area where there is.

Edwin Diaz helped record the 11th save of the season on Friday by beating Phillies’ order meat at Rhys Hoskins, Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos. Diaz’s final pitch, a fastball of 101 mph, was offered to Castellanos with the heat that made him one of the dirtiest closers in the game. According to Statcast, his whiff and strikeout percentages are both in the 100th percentile in MLB, and his otherworldly fastball velocity is in the 99th percentile.

“In the case of Edwin, that’s a difficult part of the lineup,” said Shaw Alter. “It was impressive tonight. I know it won’t be noticed by us. It’s difficult.”


Pete Alonso’s power beats the Mets over the Phillies – Reading Eagle

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