Personnel in the Topic for White Township Supervisors | News

Personnel issues were a topic of the White Township Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

The board has filled one vacant seat and prepared to fill the other two vacant seats.

Township manager Miltredi said a colleague who retired Terry Riley, the caretaker of the White Township Recreation Complex, had contacted him to apply for Riley’s job.

Lady said the new caretaker Phil Broskin has been a longtime employee of the town.

“Phil was my son’s coach,” recalled Board Chairman George Lentz. “He was literally the first employee hired when we took over.” What is now known as the S & T Bank Arena in recreational facilities.

Supervisor Jean Gemel has moved and supervisor Gale McCawley has upheld a motion to approve Broskin’s new job.

“Phil will move this weekend,” Lady said.

Township is still looking for new public relations coordinators and sewerage workers. Lady said there are five candidates to be interviewed in each position.

A search for public relations staff prompted a question from a consultant working with the Friends of White’s Woods — it turned out to be a clearly wrong question.

FWW Vice President David Dahlheimer said he could not find the agenda for the special meeting on April 30. “It seems that the township business was discussed there.”

Secretary Donna Hill said he had discussed plans for Indiana County and how to fund the town without agenda for the meeting, a special session attended by state legislature officials.

Legal notices opened up the possibility for the board to take action, but many of the sessions that turned out to be more than 90 minutes funded White Township and other municipalities throughout Indiana County. The focus was on how to increase opportunities for.

Darheimer himself attended and said the town could get funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for a long-term management plan for a particular natural region.

He gave a presentation to the supervisor before the one-hour executive session towards the end of the public part of the special meeting.

“It is likely that the executive session discussed the creation of a public relations position,” Darheimer said in a statement read Wednesday. He also handed out material from a state sunshine law guide provided by the Pennsylvania News Media Association, stating that “this law does not allow institutions to engage in personal discussions on the creation of new jobs.” It was.

However, according to the minutes found on the Township website, the discussion about hiring someone who could create and publicize the grant took place before the executive session.

“(Supervisor) Rich Gallo has motioned to allow Milt Lady to create a full-time position for community development,” the minutes read. “(Supervisor) Sandy Gillette has been seconded. The movement carried.”

According to the minutes, after a short break, Darheimer gave his presentation on the grants available through DCNR.

In a post-meeting discussion on Wednesday, Darheimer admitted that “I could be misunderstood about this.”

Darheimer said he quoted “a consultant used by (friends).”

Lady told FWW’s vice president, “You can come and ask questions.”

Other issues were raised on Wednesday, including the possibility of purchasing new carpets in place of the carpets that were in the city hall after 2000.

Gemmell has moved and Gillette has upheld a motion to get staff to look up prices and quotes.

The Township Manager told the Board that UPMC Healthcare will not update the current plans of Township employees based on the current situation. The lady said he was expecting a higher deduction while he was still working to get the details.

“Our medical plan may change in the next one or two meetings,” Lady said.

According to Lenz, future 1:00 pm supervisory board meetings will include waiting for two randomly selected township employees, if COVID-19’s pandemic-related situation permits. There is a possibility.

Initially, employees were invited to a 1:00 pm meeting on the second Wednesday of every month, and the fourth Wednesday meeting was held at 7:30 pm.

Also on Wednesday, Gillette congratulated Lenz on being nominated by Governor Tom Wolf for the Pennsylvania Aging Council. The wolf was named Lenz and its appointment was sponsored by State Senator Joe Pittman, R-Indiana.

Lady said members of the Kiwanis Action Club, including Planning Commissioner Nancy Smith, planted flowers under the Getty Heights Park sign.

The township manager also reported that recreation directors Ryan Schaffer, Barbhausi and Ellenjager went to Mary’s Building to discuss deer management and vegetation removal in several city parks.

Lady distributed a report on these discussions to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may act on the recommendations of the next Supervisory Meeting on June 23.

The meeting on Wednesday was postponed to 1:57 pm, followed by a short break, after which the supervisor saw the “Forest Management and Timber Harvesting” webinar announced by the Pennsylvania Township Officials Association last month.

“We found it to be a great proof of our position at Whites Woods,” said Macquarie.

Announced in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Hardwood Development Council. We worked on topics such as removing dead and rotten trees and exposing the floor to sunlight.

The point was the need to maintain forests in a sustainable way. Macquarie said he had heard of it 14 years ago in a previous discussion about Whites Woods.

Personnel in the Topic for White Township Supervisors | News

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