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TOWAMENCIN — It was a slug fest before and after that lasted until the evening.

There is no other way for Pensbury.

“This is the best type of game,” said Falcons pitcher Ainsley McClure after a Friday nine-inning battle with rival North Pen. “We always take this. Because this is the purpose of softball, we always take a great team like North Pen in a 10-run game. That’s the thrill. It’s the teeth and nails of that fight. You’re tired, but continue. It was a long game, and we got out of a long week. And praise for our girls. They put all their parts into the field. I left it. “

Just inside the left field line, Samlaub’s single scored a Falcons Gore Head Run at the top of the top of the ninth inning, with Pensbury winning a thrilling 5-4 victory over the previously undefeated Knights.

Pensbury players are watching during the match against North Penn on Friday, April 29, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

The defending PIAA-6A champion returned from a 3-0 and 4-2 deficit, forcing additional innings, but Pensbury finally digged deeper again.

“This is a special season,” said McClure, who struck out 11 times with a win. “This is in the history of Pensbury just because our girl has never played harder than ever and puts everything on the field. This year is this year.”

North Pen is 12-1 this season and will be in Truman on Monday. Pensbury is also currently 12-1 and will be Nesha Minnie Friday.

The Knights repelled, but were hampered by four costly errors in the contest.

Julia Shearer of North Pen will pitch to Presleyfoot in Pensbury during the match on Friday, April 29, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

“I told the girl that we can’t make those mistakes in order to compete at the level we want to compete with,” said Knights coach Rick Tresani. “We need to play the” A “game. You can’t just roam the game in the hope that you’ll continue what you’ve been doing. I think I wasn’t mentally ready to play this game. “

It was a match between two Suburban One League and District One forces. The Knights led the colonial 8-0 and the Falcons dominated the Patriot 9-0.

Pensbury first climbed 1-0 against Knights Ace’s Julia Shearer as Laub’s Bloop single won Kate Martell (single).

That was the only earned run for Shearer (12 K) to surrender.

With the combination of NP error and the clutch hitter by Falcons, Pensbury took the lead 3-0 by 4th place. Laney Freiband hit the chopper from the left to win McGonigle, finishing 2-0 in 3rd place. It was then 3-0 in 4th place that Presley Foote reached the error and later scored another error by Knights.

North Penn cut to 3-2 in the 5th inning with Annabel Smink’s 2-RBI single, and then when McGonigle centered the RBI single to 4-2, the Falcons regained some leeway in the 6th inning. rice field. Doubled Taylor ASCII came and scored.

The Knights went two long to tie it.

NP approached in the sixth solo shot by Janna Simino, and 9th batter Reina Dougherty hit a home run with a home run and hit four home runs in the seventh inning.

The ninth belongs to Pensbury.

Ainsley McClure (left) and Quinn McGonigle of Pensbury were the keys to the Falcons who defeated North Penn on Friday, April 29, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

“Each girl came here with all her heart and said,’What do you know? Let’s play. Let’s play to win,” said McGonigle, who reached the base four times with Martell. Told.

McGonigle led the 9th place with a single to the left.

Another error by the Knights made it first and second, with no outs.

Laub came back and strapped the single to the left and crossed the Gore Head Run.

“We really needed a run on that last inning, so I really wanted a hit-everywhere,” she said. “You just get a run, and that’s what we all were looking for.”

Shearer hit three in a row to keep it 5-4.

But Pensbury ended it. With two ons and two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, McClure popped Sarah Sabosik and Martell surrounded it from the shorts.

“This game belonged to girls on the bench, girls on the field, people pitching, girls hitting,” McClure said. “It belonged equally to all because we put everything in it.”

Pensbury 5, North Pen 4 (9)

Pensbury 101101001 – 5 9 2

North Pen 000021100 – 4 4 4

WP: Ainsley McClure (9IP, 4R, 4ER, 4H, 11K, 4BB, 1HBP).

LP: Julia Shearer (9IP, 5R, 1ER, 9H, 12K, 3BB).

HR: NP-Gianna Cimino, Reyna Doherty 2B: P-Ava Storlazzi, Taylor Askey

Multiple hits: P-Cait Martell 2-for-3, 2BB, R; Quinn McGonigle 2-5, 2R, RBI; Samlaub 2-5, RBI.

Pensbury wins North Pen with additional innings – thereporteronline

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