Pennsylvania State University’s new partnership hopes to make football teams a CFP candidate [opinion]

James Franklin frequently mentioned the word “alignment” last year, but if you didn’t know more, you might think he works for a tire company.

Franklin, Penn State University football coach, mentions a partnership he believes will help the Nitani Lions capture the Big Ten gold standard, Ohio State University, and compete for the berth of the College Football Playoff.

It begins with Board Chairman Matt Schiller and includes Pennsylvania State University President-elect Patrick Kraft and Franklin’s new board member Niri Bendapdi.

If Friday’s Kraft introductory press conference was any sign, the coordination would be stronger than the collaboration between retired President Eric Barone and the director of athletics Sandy Barber.

“What other opportunities do you need to bring 107,000 people to campus, interact and make memories?” Kraft said. “So it (Penn State University) is a driver. Nationally, it drives the brand. Helps recruitment. Football match days help recruit all other sports.

“I think it starts (from football) and everything else is there. It leads to success elsewhere. Pennsylvania State University is Pennsylvania State Football.”

Kraft is a former Big Tenline backer in Indiana who helped coach football with an unparalleled victory at Temple University. He explained why he registered with IU as a walk-on and eventually won a scholarship, and why he recognizes himself as a soccer player.

“I’m a small linebacker,” he said. I am aggressive. I love Big Ten. I love what I do. I love college football. I love playing soccer. The game makes a lot of sense to me. “

It had to be Franklin’s audible music, seeking year-round commitments and investments from managers like Alabama, Clemson, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

He has seen what has happened since Kirby Smart arrived in Georgia in 2016. In Georgia, the school has taken a big step towards the Bulldogs National Championship last season.

Franklin believes that Pennsylvania State University has responded slowly to issues such as NIL (name, image, portrait). He feels that the athletic club, especially football, is catching up in the field.

“James and I knew each other for a while,” Kraft said. “My job is to make sure that coaches and student athletes have everything they need. I need to defend them. I need to sit with colleagues across the campus.

“I can’t be afraid to do it. We can’t act in fear. We can’t be afraid to coach. These have processes, but accept these challenges, whatever the hurdles. The industry is changing in front of us. We must be ready and agile. “

Kraft and Bender Pudy were not afraid to talk about the football tradition of Penn State University. Both mentioned SuccessWithHonor, the motto of the athletic club when the late Joe Paterno was a soccer coach.

Kraft was also not afraid to mention Paterno by name or tell a story about him. He called Jay Paterno, now a board councilor, several times on Friday.

He talked about Indiana’s 1999 match at Beaver Stadium, where Pennsylvania State University won 45-24.

“My biggest takeaway was actually Jay’s dad,” Kraft said. “Every time I played at Pennsylvania State University, I didn’t know if this was the last time I met Joe Paterno. No matter how upset I lost, there was a line waving Joe’s hand. I was one of them. ..

“I called my dad and said,’I met Joe Paterno.'”

Paterno visited them early the next day after Hoosiers had to spend the night at State College Airport because the return flight of Indiana was canceled and there was no hotel room.

“Around 6 am, the coach came and talked to us,” Kraft said. “It was actually pretty incredible. It doesn’t happen. My teammates and I still talk about it.”

Matt Roulet, a product of State College High, who played Kraft and Carolina Panthers coach Paterno’s linebacker, is a close friend. Their bond began and tightened while in the Temple. The first game of crafting as AD was an owl’s historic victory over Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania State University 27-10 in 2015.

Like the Temple, Craft wants to win 31 Lions sports, especially football. He revealed it when asked about the potential expansion of the four-team College Football Playoff.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” he said. “I want to be four. That’s my goal. It’s great if it expands. You’re down for a year and you’re 12 years old. You’ll eventually get there. ..

“My approach here is to () control your own destiny. Win the game.”

If Bendapudi and Kraft make the commitments and investments he wanted, Franklin is armed with a new $ 75 million contract for a new decade as he seeks to capture Ohio and elsewhere, so there’s no excuse.

“We continue the tradition of victory,” Kraft vowed. “We succeed and win in honor. The tradition is Pennsylvania State University.”

Pennsylvania State University’s new partnership hopes to make football teams a CFP candidate [opinion]

Source link Pennsylvania State University’s new partnership hopes to make football teams a CFP candidate [opinion]

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