Pennsylvania State University relies on extensive play, defense to defeat Villanova

State College >> Perhaps Saturday’s uneven performance was a natural disappointment for Pennsylvania State University during the Golden Time match between Auburn and Indiana.

Or maybe it came from the boring practice of the Nittany Lions on Wednesday.

For some reason, the rush attack at Pennsylvania State University splattered with a 38-17 victory over Villanova at Beaver Stadium.

6th place Lions (4-0) scored only 80 rush yards with 34 carry against Wildcats (3-1), who was 3rd in the FCS run (29.3 yards per game).

Director James Franklin was clearly worried after several times a week saying that Pennsylvania State University needed to improve its rushing attacks.

“Obviously, we need to start a running game,” Franklin said. “It will be something we need to emphasize in the field and continue to improve.”

Fortunately for Lions, Sean Clifford, his wide receiver, and the defense of the first team played brilliantly.

Clifford completed a 19-of-26 pass with 401 yards in one intercept and four touchdowns, making him the second passerby at Pennsylvania State University tossing more than 400 yards in the game. He joined Christian Hackenberg, who set a 454-yard school record for the Irish UCF in 2014.

Clifford connected with Yerkes-Dodson for a 52-yard touchdown on Lions’ first snap. Parker Washington caught a scoring pass of 52 yards and 23 yards, and KeAndre Lambert-Smith pulled with a touchdown of 83 yards.

Pennsylvania State University has performed seven passes at least 23 yards, for a total of 332 yards out of Lions’ 509 yards.

“That (offense performance) was enough to win the game,” Clifford said. “But we felt like we left a lot there. I felt a bit stagnant in the first half. I don’t know. Look at this tape to see exactly what happened. is needed.

“I don’t think it was as bad as I expected, but I thought I could do more. It’s always a little frustrating.”

The defense of Pennsylvania State University’s first team limited Villanova to a total of 106 yards and 3 points before entering the fourth quarter. Defensive linemen Arnold Ebiketi, PJ Mustifer and Kodjia Isard had sack. Safety Jairle Brown made a passcut after making a previous lineman that was wiped out with a penalty.

The defense of the first team played with an edge.

“That was an expectation,” said Ebiketie. “That’s what we have to do. Come here and run your game plan.”

Villanova quarterback Daniel Smith completed a 222-yard 20-of-34 pass and two touchdown passes to Lei Jun Pringle against the Pennsylvania State University Reserve in the fourth quarter.

“We are proud of our team, how they play, and how they competed throughout the four quarters,” said Mark Ferrante, coach of Wildcats. “We have killed the’big guy’. I think it was probably six big guys.

“I’m really proud of the way our defense has done. We’re proud of how our attack stayed there and finally put the couple on the board. And to be honest, this game I think you can learn a lot from. “

With the exception of seven long pass sprays, Lions earned only 177 yards in 58 snaps. Franklin acknowledged Villanova’s defense, but also suggested that it was due to the unstimulated performance of the attack on Wednesday’s bad practice.

“I didn’t practice the way I thought I should have practiced on Wednesday,” he said. “I think they’re tapping their backs. I think they’re reading the article. Make sure there’s no leftovers coming on Sunday. Make sure you remove them all from the fridge. “

Pennsylvania State University will play all the remaining Big Ten games, starting next weekend in Indiana. Lions schedule four ranked opponents in Iowa, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, and Michigan State University. Improving the running game is a top priority.

“The business is booming when I oppose them,” said Brandon Smith, a linebacker at Pennsylvania State University, about the crime in a hurry. “They know what they have to do. We are 100% sure that we will fix whatever they need to fix.”

Pennsylvania State University relies on extensive play, defense to defeat Villanova

Source link Pennsylvania State University relies on extensive play, defense to defeat Villanova

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